Ghigaku is a dragon-specie like with green eye villain and is main villain  appear in ep 100: Y dragon of series Guardian of Kyoto. Ghigaku is also appear in more episodes that made by RagonFighter is Ghigaku vs. Marbaox 


Ghigaku is attempts to terrorizing Kyoto for unknown reasons. However, later, he was getting defeated by GOK to stop him and he then flees. At the end, He seen terrorizing Tokyo until he is stopped by Tiruma! Senlaki Genko! 

In Ghigaku vs. Marbaox, he facing off Marbaox. after a short fight, he is push Marbaox to the sea, then drops him to the sea. Ghigaku then flying away, but Maraox using fire beam to prevent him from fly away and causing him to be fall to the sea. Ghigaku and Marbaox is then show up in the sea and begin a battle in the sea.


Ghigaku's roar is 

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