Gerald farrow is the main antagonist of the five nights at freddys fanfiction "just another night at freddys." He is the one responsible for the murders of 1987 (at least in this interpreation)

he is the distant cousin of the phone guy who,according to phone guy, has been in and out of mental institutions due to his extremley sadistic and disturbed nature. He grew up with his cousin whom he forced into assisting with his brutal actions most notable with killing the children in the old pizzeria. This causes the old place to be closed down and fazbear entertainment to almost become bankrupt due to the amount of law suits. He keeps phoneguy locked in the basement of the old pizzeria while he wanders through the pizzeria disguised as golden freddy. When mike and the animatronics from the new pizzeria investigate the old place Gerald uses a cattle prod to forcibly reporgram foxy bonnie chica and freddy into attacking mike alongside the toy animatronics. he is finally arrested by police after mike re-reporgaram the animatronics who in turn call the police while Gerald attempts to murder him and phone guy. It is unknown what happened after his arrest but it is likely that he was sentenced to death beacuse of the severity of his crimes.

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