Finley Boggs is a military general sent by Governor Clawstone in "End of The Swat Kats" to handle things that the Enforcers can't. Just like Feral, Boggs dislikes vigilantes and is consequently hesitating to entertain the idea of the Swat Kats helping out. Unlike Feral, there is little that Mayor Manx and Deputy Mayor Callie Briggs can make him do since he is in MegaKat City under martial law. Speaking of Feral, Boggs looks at him and the Enforcers in disgust which is why he always insults them. Deputy Mayor Callie Briggs dislikes Boggs because she is well aware about how he is willing to reduce a city to rubble to stop one villain and considers him to be less qualified than Lieutenant Commander Steele when it comes to handling emergencies.


-He might have been inspired by American General James Boggs, who served in the Confederates State Army during the Civil War during 1861 and early 1862.

-He might have also been inspired by William R. Boggs who was a civil engineer before becoming a general of the Confederates State Army.

-He is like the DC Comics character Wade Eilling since he dislikes the heroes and like the Marvel Comics character Nick Fury since he willing to ally with them. In "End of The Swat Kats" , Boggs was willing to give the Swat Kats two hours to save Lieutenant Felina and stop Dark Kat before taking action.

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