Gaston (Character What)

Gaston is a major villain from the Character What series, He is also a character from Disney's Beauty and the Beast.


After Shadow Aaron's second defeat, Shadow Aaron revived Gaston since his death.

Character What: The Adventures

In Beauty and the Beast, Gaston reprise him role from the Beauty and the Beast film, with Shadow Aaron warning him that Shadow Joe and his friend Twilight Sparkle will stop him, Shadow Aaron help Gaston by giving him a Green Shadow Creature Crystal that will negate Shadow Joe's powers, Gaston have a battle with the Beast, Later Shadow Joe team up with the Beast, and Gaston have a battle with Shadow Joe and the Beast, but Gaston lost the battle. Just before the Beast can comfort Belle, Gaston jumps onto the Beast and stabs him with a dagger. The Beast swing his arm backwards, causing Gaston to lose his balance and fall to his death (same fate in the film). The Beast was bought back to life and turn back into his human form when Belle say she love him before the rose's last pettle fell. Then Belle and the Beast in his human form kiss and the enchanted castle and everyone who live there were turn back to normal as well. And Shadow Aaron was aware that Gaston died.

Character What: Hero Force

In Destroy Shadow Joe, Shadow Aaron send Gaston along with many other villains to destroy Shadow Joe. Gaston team up with Ursula and Discord, but they lost the fight with Shadow Joe. Later Gaston team up with the rest of villains that Shadow Aaron send, Gaston and the other villains lost the battle with Shadow Joe, Shadow Aaron return Gaston and all the other villains to his empire and tell them that they failed, Then Shadow Aaron say he will take care of Shadow Joe himself.

Gaston appears in Sunset Shimmer's Betray, He was in a crowd with other villains, When Shadow Aaron showing them that Sunset Shimmer is a new member of Shadow Aaron's empire.

Gaston makes a cameo in The Return of the Dazzlings.

In Dig for Gums, Shadow Aaron hired Gaston along with some villains to dig for gums.

In Evil Return, Gaston shown that Twilight Sparkle and the rest of the Mace Six were teleported to Shadow Aaron's empire, Gaston slap Twilight Sparkle with his hand, then Shadow Aaron grab Gaston's arm.

Gaston appears in The Octonauts and the Villains.

In Fame, Gaston team up with Trixie Lulamoon, Syndrome, and Carl Nesmith to prove him and the other with him that them are better heroes than Shadow Joe.

In No One Love Belle Like Gaston, Gaston plan to marry Belle and seek revenge on the Beast and Shadow Joe.

Gaston appears in Spooky Hideout.


Character What: The Adventures

  • Beauty and the Beast (first appearance; death)

Character What: Hero Force

Powers and Abilities

  • Archery:
  • Marksmanship: Gaston is great at aiming without missing any shot.
  • Leadership Skills:
  • Great Strength:
  • Beauty: