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I am the definition of domestic violence.
~ Gary's trademark quote

WARNING: Don't get confused with Gary Walker, the former football defensive player of the National Football League. This is a different kind of Gary Walker.

Gary Walker is the self-proclaimed leader of the Gamma Street Gang, the archenemy of Aleks Hudock and the main antagonist of the Appleseed Creek series.


Gary was diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder at birth and grew up in a dysfunctional family. He was often sexually abused by his mother, his father was addicted to drugs and alcohol and his older siblings treated him like a slave. In kindergarten, Gary would often pick on the other students because of how they look, tell sex jokes and boast about his own traits. He promised never to do all that again, but decided to get back into it when he became a fourth grader. This time, he would disrespect the staff and he would often paint messages on the wall that represent domestic violence.

Gary continued doing his shenanigans until he went to high school. By the time was a junior, the staff couldn't take his nonsense anymore. One day, before he could post a note in the bathroom that read, "There's a bomb in the school." to prank everyone, he was called to the office and the principal had stern words with him. His punishment was being held back to lower grades. He kept on going down and down and down until he was held back all the way to kindergarten (no joke). His disgruntled parents were furious with him when they found out about this.

Gary left his family behind and was on his own. He wandered the wilderness, looking for something for his own satisfaction, until he was attacked by cassowaries and had his left eye taken off by one of them. He was taken to the Appleseed Creek Red Cross and while he was healing, he got diagnosed with antisocial and sadistic personality disorders. Once he felt better, Gary became who he was today - a narcissistic, sadistic, abusive and ungrateful leader of a street gang whose main purpose is to bring pain and misery to all of Appleseed Creek.


Gary Walker wears a black jacket with emerald-green distressed jeans and has spiky ocean-blue hair/beard. He also has a scar on his right cheek and wears an eye patch to cover his empty left eye socket.


Gary is depicted as the leader of the Gamma Street Gang, an outlawed street gang whose sole purpose is to cause mayhem and destruction throughout the town of Appleseed Creek. They frequently shoplift, plagiarize people's ideas and make them into symbols of domestic violence, rape, megalomania, animal cruelty and drug/child abuse, pick on people who are not like them and paint graffiti.

Throughout the series' run, Gary is shown to be cruel, emotionally and physically abusive, lethal, sadistic, narcissistic, ungrateful, sex-crazed and power-hungry. He is claimed to be one of the most evil villains ever made by Poco TV, with the others being Howard van Skullotto from the Halfchild series and HudicDark220 from the Xboxers series (formerly Lord Ghastler). Gary constantly picks on unpopular people and says that he's more good-looking than them. He forces women to have sex with him and is also addicted to drugs and deals them with people. He also takes great pleasure in seeing his victims suffer, either mentally or physically.

His great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather was the brother of a Nazi soldier named Herr Brotchen, so he has some Nazism in him as well.

Criminal Record

Domestic Violence: An example of domestic violence was seen in his backstory when he was on his honeymoon with his ex-girlfriend, Dallas Walker. He was yelling at her and using threats of abuse on her if he didn't get a kiss from her. However, he continues to do this throughout the series.

Rape: This was shown after he domestically abused Dallas, she touched her and Dallas said it made her feel uncomfortable, but he didn't listen to her. He forced her to take off her clothes and have sex with him. But that didn't happen once she escaped from him and broke up with him. He does this not too often throughout the series.

Animal Cruelty: Gary takes great pleasure in brutally murdering animals and hanging their chopped off heads on his walls to prove his hunting theory. However, he doesn't tend to murder dogs and cats.

Child/Elder Abuse: Gary loves to kidnap and threaten to kill children and senior citizens if a kid's parents or the retirement home staff don't give them a certain amount of money.

Drugs: Drug abuse from Gary happens throughout the series very infrequently. He makes deals with people and tries to take their money to get them into drugs. He is also high on drugs, with cocaine being his favorite. An example of this is that he is occasionally seen eating cocaine candy stars.

Graffiti: Gary often helps the gang paint graffiti on the town walls and sometimes leave off evil symbols with them. An example of this is the Nazi symbol. This is one of the more frequent crimes.

Serial Murder: Gary is also shown to be a serial killer. He lures victims into his traps (primarily women), tries to rape the women and after this, takes the opportunity to kill them.

Copyright Infringement: Sometimes, Gary takes the time to commit plagiarism on intellectual property of media and art companies and transform them into violent symbols of torture, sexism, Nazism and insanity.

Shoplifting: This is one of the more frequent crimes Gary does. He enters stores and takes their stuff without paying.

Genocide: Gary's Nazism makes him a genocidal maniac. He tries to slaughter the folk of Appleseed Creek (primarily his rival), so he could make their town Gamma Street Gang territory. This is much like how the Nazis tried to eradicate the Jews in concentration camps during the Holocaust.

Famous Quote

I am the definition of domestic violence! *maniacal laugh*

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