Garmadon: Lord of Darkness and Leader of the Forces of Garmadon

Garmadon is the Lord of Darkness, leader in of the Forces of Garmadon and arch-enemy to Green Ninja. He is main antagonist of Andy and Zatanna: The New Adventures of Green Ninja.


Garmadon wasn't always evil. When he was a boy, he had a pure heart and Sensei Wu was his brother and the best of friends. But during a simple training session, Wu's katana fell out of his hand and crossed the temple wall. Wu was too scared to go over so Garmadon offered to go over to retrieve it. Crossing the wall, he was about to grab it when a snake bit him in the hand. The bite started transforming his blood into Dark Matter, a rare substance that can turn pure hearts evil. He became angry and more violent as the years passed.

Garmadon tried to control his anger and seemed to be doing quite well at it. At school, he met a girl named Misako. The two fell in love and married. They had a son, Lloyd, and Garmadon was happy. The evil seemed to have disappeared, but it wouldn't last.

One night, after enjoying a night of enterainment, the three were making their way home. But a warrior who suffered mental instability had escaped from a local prison and appeared before them. Garmadon tried to reason with him, but the warrior jumped over him and murdered his family. Garmadon killed with warrior, but the evil he tried to control finally took him over. He began believing the world didn't deserve to be saved if that was the result of his heroic deeds. Enraged, he promised his family that he would make the world pay for their deaths.

He went on a murderous rampage, killing anyone he saw. He even slaughtered the Elemental Masters to ensure his four elemental powers would go on unchallenged.

Garmadon went to the Temple of Light to get the Elemental Blades. But was caught in the act by Sensei Wu. A battle between the two broke out and Garmadon was banished to the Underworld.

Landing in the Underworld, he discovered that the King of the Underworld, Samukai, had been dethroned by Hades. So Garmadon made a deal with the Skulkin, if he took care of Hades, then Samukai would offer his services to him. Garmadon dethroned Hades and Samukai offered his services, the Skulkin Army were making up the Forces of Garmadon. But more armies were needed.

Garmadon needed the fabled Serpentine Tribes to make up more men. But Sensei Wu had hidden the map in a blacksmith shop. He led an attack and murdered Jenny Adams, sister of Andy Adams, leading to the creation of the Green Ninja. With the map, he released the tribes to make up more men. Then using their venom, awoke the Stone Army. He then travelled to Borg Industries and bugged the programming of Nindroids. He now had an huge army dedicated to his quest for vengeance.

Rise of Green Ninja

Garmadon made his first appearance in the Prologue. Needing to find a map hidden in Andy's blacksmith shop. In this chapter, he attacked and murdered Jenny Adams, sister of Andy Adams.

In Chapter 1, he freed his leaders after they were defeated by Green Ninja and Huntress years before. He ordered them to go and set up base in Metropolis.

He made another appearance in Chapter 4. He was revealed to be a new benefactor for Lex Luthor. He went to LexCorp seeking Luthor's help to designing missiles with enough firepower to destroy an entire country. He then noticed Green Ninja in the paper and was consumed with pride about defeating him.

In Chapter 6, Garmadon knew about the league and knew his armies couldn't face off against the heroes themselves. He travelled to Stryker's Island, killed the guards and came before the villains. Using his lies and deception, made them think he was the answer to their problems. He said that the villains were the real power and deserved to be treated like gods, and that the people of the world were the real problem. He released them all and used their knowledge of the heroes. With that knowledge, he attacked the Hall of Justice. They were no match for his skill and ferocity. He defeated them all and ordered them to be taken to the dungeons in his fortress, but ordered them to take Zatanna to his throne room.

In Chapter 8 to the Final Battle. Garmadon sensed Green Ninja in the Underworld. He ordered all his men and villains to stop him. But he knew they wouldn't stop him, they would simply loosen him up for their epic Final Battle. Green Ninja fought through all the forces but also learned about Garmadon's tragic past. After fighting through all the defences and entering the throne room. Garmadon was there waiting for him. He welcomed him and said he hadn't seen him since he murdered his sister. Andy said he would bring justice. Garmadon asked 'Where was my family's justice?'. He stated that the only result for his heroic actions were just so that another criminal would escape and that more suffering was made, he said that the people of the world were to blame. He said they didn't deserve to be saved, Andy said otherwise. But Garmadon said that they had powers to make a difference. But Andy wasn't listening to his archenemy's beliefs. The two fought in a titanic struggle known as the Final Battle, Garmadon was defeated. He demanded that Andy strike him down in his anger, but Andy wouldn't. Garmadon laughed at Andy's mercy, saying that he would return one day and kill all him and all who allied themselves with him. A portal then opened up and pulled him into his prison.

Andy and Zatanna: The New Adventures of Green Ninja

Garmadon kept his promise. Months later, he found a way to escape and returned. He rebuilt the Forces of Garmadon, bigger, stronger and with villains as high ranking officers against the newly named Justice League of Warriors. He was enraged that Green Ninja was made new leader. He declared war against the JLW and would stop at nothing to ensure victory. However, he began developing a cancer caused by his Dark Matter blood. He was dying so he went to Circe for help. With her magic mixed with Borg Industries Tech, he got gold armor that increased his powers while fighting his cancer, he was empowered to fight. Although when he was tricked by the Spectre to find a crystal that could help him go back in time and stop himself from killing Jenny Adams, though an explosion in the volcano made it unstable, Garmadon supposedly died when it erupted.

Garmadon is at the top of What Villains think of topics due to him being main antagonist.

Powers and Abilities

  • Master of Spinjitzu
  • Expert Martial Artist
  • Elemental Blast
  • Mastery of Fire, Earth, Lightning and Ice
  • Superhuman Strength, Speed, Stamina and Endurance
  • Flight
  • Portal Creation
  • Fierce, Fearless Fighter
  • Telekinesis
  • Mind Control
  • Super Speed
  • Increased Senses
  • Near Invulnerability
  • Peak Human Condition
  • Genius Level Intelligence
  • Tactical Genius
  • Ruthless Leadership
  • Invisibility
  • Accelerated Healing


  • The First Spinjitzu Master (Father, deceased)
  • Misako (Wife, deceased)
  • Lloyd (Son, deceased)
  • Sensei Wu (Brother)
  • Green Ninja (Archenemy)
  • The Shadow Ninja (Apprentice, Second in Command)
  • Lady Terror (Apprentice, Other Second in Command)
  • Forces of Garmadon (Army/Team)

Personality and Traits

The evil that consumed Garmadon made him angry, sadistic, dark, emotionless to other's suffering except his own, rude, delusional, deceptive and abusive.

In Rise of Green Ninja, he was headstrong and fearless as he believed himself to be more than capable of defeating Green Ninja. He wasn't afraid to fight even though Green Ninja took down his forces getting to him.

However, after his defeat, Garmadon became angrier and more abusive to his fellow villains, not giving a damn about their problems. He began to not care about anything except himself.

Though he has shown some sadness as he's shown to keep a locket of Misako, the only thing that stops him from going completely insane.


  • Murder
  • Smuggling
  • Assault with a deadly weapon
  • Arson
  • Perfidy
  • Destruction
  • Breaking and entering
  • Torture