Gangeris a anouther villain from THE STORY OF DITTO


Ganger is much less evil in story one. As the readers can somewhat sympathise with him, due to being turned into an Changeling against his will. But he still has fairly villainous scenes. Most notably, is when he nearly turns Rainbow Dash into a changeling, and calls her a bitch before doing so (the word itself isn't fully shown)


From here, Ganger becomes much less sympathised by the readers. As he wants revenge on Ditto for kidnapping and turning him into a changeling. But his plans for doing so are very cruel. As it involves the kidnapping of Scootaloo, after finding out that the little filly is one of the few things Ditto ever truly cared about anymore.

Ganger discovers Scootaloo's location, while the filly is hanging with Rainbow Dash. And when Rainbow discovers Ganger's intentions of taking her beloved sister figure, Dash falls into "papa wolf mode" and defends Scootaloo by giving one of the stories largest fight scenes. But in the end Ganger DOSE get Scootaloo, but only because he doesn't play 100% fairly.

Later, Ganger reveals the captured Scootaloo towards Ditto, as a tempt to get Ditto to give himself up. However Celestia, who was there as well, remember Ganger as one of her loyal guards that went M.I.A, and tries to reason with Ganger by reminding him that he was good person once, but Ganger ignores her, angering Celestia into a firing spell at him, but it hits one of his minions instead, despite being a non fatal spell it ends up being the reason for the minions death, due to it causing an chain reaction of injuring towards the minion.

Angered by the death, Ganger beings an attack on Ditto and the princess, and after an intense batte, Ganger is outnumbered when all the guards came to defend Celestia.

Ganger is forced to retreat, and his fate is unknown. But he swears that they haven't seen the last of him, saying "this isn't over"


  • Ganger appears in the fanpop role play MASTER SWORD AND SATEN TWIST ADVENTURES. Like every villain of the role play he appears an "complete monster", but he is one of the few villains that isn't killed five minutes after being introduced. He is also the only one not to be seeking revenge, instead Rainbow Dash is the one who goes after him, as she wants revenge for what he did to Scootaloo, and possible other things.
  • It's unknown if Ganger and Shining Armor were friends before Ganger was abducted.
  • It's unknown how old Ganger is.

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