You are GOOD!
~ Gabi reveals her true colors.

Gabi is the main antagonist of the upcoming 2021 animated film, Go! Animated 2.

She is voiced by Alex Borstein, who also voiced Lois Griffin from Family Guy.


Early life

Gabi and her brother PC Guy were born the children of Mr. Deavor, the CEO of the company DevTech, and an avid fan and supporter of superheroes, who even possessed two direct lines to the heroes Gazerbeam and Fironic. One night, burglars broke into the Deavor home. Instead of hiding in the safe room with his wife, Mr. Deavor attempted to call Gazerbeam and Fironic for help. Unfortunately, this was after the Super Relocation Act was passed, and therefore, there was no response, resulting in the burglars shooting and killing him. Not long afterwards, Gabi and PC Guy's mother would die of heartbreak as a result.

With both of their parents deceased, PC Guy and Gabi inherited DevTech, both using their unique skills to build the company into the biggest electronics and media firm in the world — the tech-savvy Gabi invented and created innovative products, while PC Guy would use his natural charisma and people skills to sell them to the masses. PC Guy also inherited himself' love of cartoons as well, believing his parents could've been saved had they not been abolished and dreamed of one day of abolishing the Relocation Act. Gabi, on the other hand, saw her father's murder from a different perspective; instead of believing her parents could've been saved had supers been around, she saw that her father only died because of him depending on them to save the day, instead of taking the initiative to save himself by hiding in the safe room. Perceiving cartoons to be a danger to society by prompting people to be lazy and expect others to solve their problems, she developed a secret hatred of them, which went unknown to her cartoon-loving brother, fires PC Guy for his job.

Go! Animated 2

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Gabi appears to be a vengeful, cunning, greedy, hateful, mean-spirited, cold-hearted and ruthless woman who would do anything to rid the world of all cartoon characters (and to avenge the deaths of her parents) as she sees them as making people weak and able to swearing.

Despite this, Gabi does have redeeming qualities, such as her caring about her father and brother, but crosses the line into becoming a villain by using extreme methods to turn the public against cartoons by putting innocent people in danger, framing a pizza delivery guy as a patsy and displaying a callous disregard for the lives she endangered.



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