You see, Mario? I was never actually on your side. I only needed your help to get us to the finals. *Mario says, "You've been supporting the Rookies all along?!"* That's right, now that you foolish Fireballs have helped us get up to the finals, the Rainbow Yoshi Cup will soon be property of the Bowser Jr. Rookies and you sissies will no longer be veterans, we will make you outcasts! *Mario yells at Funky Kong, "You two-faced double-crosser! You lied to us!"* Well, it's been a pleasure aiding you guys, but it's time for me to move on. *Funky kicks Petey Piranha towards the Fireballs* Oh, and by the way... *Bowser Jr. says, "Petey is your problem now!"; Bowser Jr. Rookies walk away, laughing maniacally*.
~ Funky Kong revealing his true nature.
Funky kong

Funky Kong is the hidden main antagonist of Mario Super Sluggers: The Fan Movie. He is a groovy gear-wearing gorilla who is formerly a member of the Mario Fireballs and is truly a member of the Bowser Jr. Rookies.

While normally not a villain in the Donkey Kong Country sub-series and in the original Mario Super Sluggers video game itself, his character in the fan movie adaptation of the game started out as a humble member of the Mario Fireballs. He was claimed to be the player who could help the Fireballs win the Rainbow Yoshi Cup and defeat the Bowser Jr. Rookies. But he reveals his true colors to the Fireballs in the film by the time the finals were coming up. He explains to them that he was actually supporting the Bowser Jr. Rookies without having them know. Mario is infuriated to hear this. He was planning to help the Rookies claim the Rainbow Yoshi Cup for themselves and make the Fireballs rejects for two sole purposes: money and power. Petey Piranha gets replaced by him and becomes a member of the Fireballs.

While facing off the Fireballs at the finals, he cheats by setting up pranks and traps all over the stadium so the Rookies can succeed with their goal. However, Mario didn't know this until Goomba accidentally triggered one of the traps on himself. Mario got shocked and angry when he found this out and so did the Rookies fans. They all knew that the Rookies were cheating just so they could have the trophy for themselves. The crowd began booing the Rookies. Funky Kong gets angry and outraged when this happens. He angrily tells the entire crowd to be quiet and this causes him to go insane and quadruple in size. As a giant, Funky begins breathing fire and crushing the entire stadium under his weight. The crowd leaves the stadium, screaming and cowering. The Fireballs face off Funky and fight him, until he shrunk back to his normal size. On top of this, while standing behind a trap he forgot he put up, he got his clothes sucked off when the trap automatically activated itself, thus revealing himself in boxer shorts with pony templates on them. The crowd laughs at him as Funky Kong runs off crying and is sent to jail with Black Toad as his roommate.


Funky Kong is a gorilla with a lighter shade of brown than Donkey Kong. He wears a red-and-white spotted bandana on his head, sunglasses and light blue punk pants. He is also seen wearing a standard white undershirt. He carries a surfboard as his trademark baseball bat.


Funky Kong was described throughout most of the film as helpful and courageous. Mario and the rest of the Fireballs knew that he would be the player responsible for counting on everyone and aiding them in winning the Rainbow Yoshi Cup and defeating the Bowser Jr. Rookies. He was also self-determined and loyal to his teammates.

But by the time the finals of the Rainbow Yoshi Cup were around and the Fireballs were confronting the Rookies, it was later revealed that Funky was manipulating Mario and co. into thinking he was going to help them win the Cup. In reality, Funky Kong's personality is that of being two-timing, unscrupulous, power-hungry, self-centered, manipulative and arrogant. As a giant, Funky is very pyromaniacal and sadistic. His real goal was to help the Bowser Jr. Rookies win the finals to claim the Cup for themselves and turn the Fireballs into outcasts.


Funky Kong, in many ways, is similar to Chick Hicks from Cars:

  • Both mock the protagonist.
  • Both want to claim a certain trophy for themselves.
  • Both are arrogant and uncaring.

Sunset Shimmer from My Little Pony: Equestria Girls and Prince Hans from Frozen share similarities with Funky Kong as well.

  • Sunset Shimmer: Both are power-hungry, willing to accomplish a certain goal for world domination. (Sunset wants to become the new princess of Equestria by stealing the Element of Magic, while Funky wills to aid the Bowser Jr. Rookies in winning the Rainbow Yoshi Cup for money and charisma and making the Mario Fireballs laughing stocks.)
  • Prince Hans: Both are claimed to be good characters at first, but later reveal that they are the main antagonists. (Hans wooed Anna into marrying him whereas Funky Kong manipulated Mario and co. into thinking he was one of them before the Rainbow Yoshi Cup finals.)

Funky Kong also shares one similarity with the Pyro from Team Fortress 2:

  • Both are experts at wielding fire.

In the film, Bowser Jr. was claimed to be the main antagonist at first, but it was revealed that Funky was the true villain.

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