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Fryz (Default)
Fryz, Frigid Chaos
Alias Unknown
Origin Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Status Alive
Skills Unknown
Hobby Unknown
Goals Unknown

Fryz, as Grandis refers to her, is a "Neutral Party" in regards to his ensemble of villains. On one note, she is not native to Ultimoria, and instead native to a universe much further away in location. On another note, while she does attack Kerason and human military... she tends to not pick anybody's side in the battles between Kerason or the Dinoids. Part of that may relate to her origins, but part of that may have to do with her... attraction, to Kerason. Compared to other villains, she is treated the most seriously of the cast in The Blue Tri, as any conflict she gets involved in results in the Dinoid General that was planning on attacking being forced to retreat and fight another day, and she outright kills any that even attempt to still stick around for her fight with Kerason by freezing them solid and shattering them like glass.


Compared to Kerason, who is not much different from her default form in terms of looks, her signature weapon is always deployed, and her weapon and her helmet display a Carnotaurus motif, whereas the rest of her showcases a Chasmosaurus motif. Her overall build as her default form are based on Kerason's, except slightly younger, and given her gender is the opposite of Kerason's, her appearance makes it easy to mistake her for a male character had it not been for her often exaggerated girly behavior.

Fryz (Master Mode)

Fryz's Master Mode appearance.

As "Master Mode", which is modeled heavily after a Ceratopsian Dinosaur known as Chasmosaurus, has three horns and a neck frill just like KeraMaster (Kerason's Master Mode), but her horns are significantly smaller in size not due to her gender, but rather the species of Dinosaur she's based on. In addition, her frill takes on the form of a more shield-like design, also like her Dinosaur basis. Her front limbs, unlike KeraMaster, have actual fingers, here taking the form of claws, and she lacks KeraMaster's builky tank treads entirely for a more agile and slimmer look and weight respectively. Her legs are more shaped like boots and thus allow her to stand on two legs more easily than KeraMaster can, and around the parts of both her default form and Master Mode, she has the Greek letter Omega decorated onto her. Her tail now holds access to her default form's signature weapon, the KasuBuster. Unlike Kerason, whose weapon is home to the separate identity of KeraBeast, KasuBuster does not have any sentient mind, but it's energy whip, which has visible eyes, can still give off visible expressions as if it somehow did.


Not much can be figured out about Fryz's personality just yet, or what exactly her goals are. Grandis goes to many lengths to say that Fryz is not affiliated with him, and Fryz doesn't even appear to be aware of his existence. She never speaks, so it's hard to tell in that regard. As Grandis isn't the only Ultimorian Deity who says she's something along the lines of a passerby and nothing more, she is neither Ultimorian nor is she directly affiliated with any story that Grandis is in. However, her appearances in other universes outside of The Blue Tri make it questionable just how much she and the Ultimorian Deities know each other. Apparently Grandis claims she asks incredibly outrageous or sometimes flat out childish requests from him, and Grandis has to resist not attempting to destroy her, since she apparently has some form of immunity from the Ultimorian Deities, but from who, nobody is quite clear. All that is known is that the Ultimorian Deities effectively are never allowed to be the ones who do her in, if she were to ever come close to such a situation that is.

Dragora, on the other hand, apparently doesn't mind working with her, and is apparently how she travels to different universes. Even if Dragora is currently possessed by Kagubot's influence, both Dragora AND Kagubot immediately drop whatever they're currently doing to serve her, something which Grandis is heavily annoyed by due to receiving numerous threats from other universes that he truly wants no business in dealing with. Out of all of Fryz's odd personality, though, is her obsession with Kerason. Again, she never speaks, so nothing can truly be confirmed, but she appears to be some kind of Yandere towards Kerason, who will violently do whatever it takes to have him maintain a heavy opinion of her, but what kind of opinion even Kerason is scared to know about, since he apparently doesn't know she's a female character. Apparently, the reason she does outlandishly girly things is to convince Kerason that she is female, since unlike Kerason, she has no actual human form to show him that she's female directly, and the fact she won't hit any sort of menstrual cycle for several more years means she'll still going to look no different from Kerason for a long time, meaning Kerason won't be the only human who mistakes her for a male until she ages physically.

In a similar note, Fryz sometimes finds herself awkwardly staring at female characters known for having large busts, but never seems to indicate that is what she desires to gain when she grows older. Dragora seems to translate this staring as her being more annoyed with that "feature" that female humans have, meaning she is apparently oblivious to the fact human females normally have breasts. She also apparently hates the Female Titan for identical reasons, but amplified given the fact she isn't initially aware the Female Titan is meant to be remotely human in any way or form.


The Blue Tri

When Plio Kenson is taken hostage by human kidnappers and is knocked unconscious, KeraBeast malfunctions and also goes offline... Which allows some sort of supernatural force to cause Plio to wake up, transform into Kerason, and kill the two criminals who kidnapped him by throwing their van clean into a nearby electrical powerplant, as the two criminals suffer death by explosion, as the seemingly possessed Kerason moves through the night and slaughters whoever gets in his way. When military forces detect Kerason, his signal being read as a Dinoid, they begin to attack, only for the ghostly Kerason to transform into a corrupt KeraMaster with a more dull colorscheme and yellow eyes rather than blue, and begins to rampage across downtown.

Blades, reacting to Kerason's rampage in a hurry, finally decides to finish what Saideus had started and tries to kill him, not because Saideus was right about Kerason being dangerous, but because he knows something is not right with Kerason, so a fatal strike to Kerason's chest causes a major malfunction which sends nearby police, Velocilites, and Blades flying. Emerging from an open wound on the chest of a now reverted back to Plio Kerason, is a sphere of black matter which quickly explodes into particles around the entire area, and is composed of complete dark magic and evil as it re-configures it's form into none other than Fryz, a demonic doppelganger of Kerason who is nothing but pure evil, as it now goes on a rampage against the military of Earth and the Dinoids that are currently on Earth.

Using it's KasuBuster weapon, she makes the military look like a joke, using KasuBuster's whip to grasp hold of heavily built vehicles and smash them into other military vehicles as if being used like a Flail-type weapon, and even the Dinoids prove no match for Fryz, who is currently not known as such. Blades, finally recovering from the shockwave that Fryz had let off upon it's creation, heads to retrieve the remains of the now dead Plio Kenson, knowing that Plio and KeraBeast are the only ones capable of stopping this new monstrosity, and hurries back to his lab. When Plio is restored back to life as a miracle on Blades's work, Plio and KeraBeast head to confront Fryz, who just now activates it's Master Mode just as morning arrives, and initiates a complete snow warning in the area as her mouth lets loose an absolute zero stream of snow and ice, causing the entire weather in the nearby vicinity to change to a blizzard as entire buildings, living creatures, Dinoids, and just about everything begins to freeze over entirely.

Plio, quickly transforming into Kerason and then immediately into KeraMaster, activates the tank treads on KeraMaster's arms to overclock to ensure KeraMaster's body doesn't freeze over when confronting the rampant Fryz, and the two Ceratopsian Super Robots clash with each other very brutally. Blades, just barely lucky to not be frozen alive, notices the other Dinoid Generals have completely turned to ice, and begins to thaw them out with his own fire elemental powers, so that all of them can aide KeraMaster, since as of the moment, Fryz had just sliced off KeraMaster's left arm, and combined it to take the place of it's normal left arm to become Fryz Tanker Mode, a dual combination of weapons from both Fryx Master Mode and KeraMaster, and KeraMaster is just about finished when Fryz utilizes KeraMaster's own signature move against him, sending him flying through several buildings.

All hope seems lost until the Dinoid Generals (Blades included) completely swarm Fryz as they tear off the limb that was stolen from KeraMaster, allowing KeraMaster to rise back up to his feet to battle again. With the tables turned, KeraMaster immediately activates his tank treads and charges head first into Fryz, seemingly destroying it and immediately ending the freezing cold weather, as everything thaws out of the ice. However, Fryz actually managed to survive, as a single ice crystal remaining from the battle lands on the ground and regenerates into a new body, and Fryz is reborn. However, it no longer has enough power to start another conflict again, so simply leaves completely unnoticed...

Intermission Points

(Note:Everything outside of it's role in The Blue Tri is now considered non-canon.)

Sometime after Fryz had regenerated from it's battle with Kerason, it begins to associate itself with feminine traits and gains a feminine personality whereas previously it had no personality at all aside from the pure evil aspect, and is now classified as a female from this point forward, whereas in the original appearance of Fryz, it had no gender at all even when considering how it originated in the first place. With that said, Fryz, during her state of calmness, managed to find a way into other universes, and first traveled to the Attack on Titan universe. All of the events in which Fryz appears in another universe outside of her native universe are to be taken for a grain of salt, and are effectively non-canon to The Blue Tri's storyline.

Attack on Titan Universe Sighting

A figure with a cloak had allegedly been spotted sometime before the story began. She is described as being incredibly short, and never speaks a sound. She is also described as either wearing a horned helmet, or actually having horns on her head. Based on the author's knowledge on this series, I assume that the human characters have never heard of Dinosaurs before, and instead her Master Mode, when spotted, is instead associated with a Dragon rather than a Dinosaur like it's visual intent is. Also, not only do the inhabitants of this universe currently do not recognize her as a female character, but they also do not seem to realize that her default form and Master Mode are separate entities.

When she was allegedly spotted, only one survivor was around to witness in horror as a very small humanoid lashed out at a Titan who had eaten a small child, and apparently decided to kill said Titan by forcing it's eyelids open and tearing out it's eye by dragging the titan along the ground, all the while the titan continuously struggled to escape from her grasp and other titans in the area simply flat out ran away, which is highly uncharacteristic of them. She was apparently, according to Dragora, wanting to tear out it's eye to see if it'll regenerate another one so she can do so again endlessly; it never regenerated once, and this Titan was nicknamed "Blood Eye", as that's all that remained of that side of it's face due to how many muscle tissue she tore apart from the abomination's eye socket.

The Titan apparently still managed to survive to be seen again, this time when a bunch of witnesses were reporting seeing a gigantic 22 meter tall quadruped of sorts in an icy mountain range, from which the Titan naturally lives around alongside a human colony that's already doomed even with Titans nearby since the cold weather would soon exterminate all of them, and the winter gets colder each passing year. With Fryz and Blood Eye, it was figured that their impending destruction would quicken, and thus several humans were sent to kill Fryz, but all of them perished and were turned into statues of ice and frost. When Blood Eye spotted Fryz, he stopped his movements entirely to simply stand aside and observe what Fryz had in mind. It is clear now to the reader that Blood Eye is a Titan Shifter, but unlike a majority of them depicted in the series, he's actually benevolent, and does not want to see the destruction of all of life itself, Human, Titan, or any other kind of life. He believes Fryz's Master Mode, which he consistently refers to as a "Drake" is going to eliminate all life due to him believing it to be the cause of the increasingly cold climate.

After observing humanity try and kill Fryz with no success, Blood Eye decides to step in and interfere for once, having learned enough of Fryz's tactics to try and fight her on his own, but this is not as easy as it sounds. Fryz decides to full body tackle Blood Eye off of the edge of a steep cliff, both of them crashing along the sides of the slopes of the mountain as they both collide with a tall, wall-like structure built to keep Titans out of this dying village, and soon Titans begin to try and enter the town, only for Fryz to utilize her ice breath to freeze them solid and shatter them like glass,

VS Mr. Krabs

When Fryz watched an episode of Spongebob out of sheer boredom, she was rather disgusted by Krabs's actions in One Coarse Meal. As a result, she went to his universe, fished him out of the water, dragged him to a Zoo, and dumbed him in an enclosure with Seagulls, a bird known for preying on Crab species. Not much is known as to why Fryz decided to take this extreme course of action, but it's surprisingly one of the more tame things she's ever done.

Off to hell with Ye

Off to Hell with ye~.

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