The great grandson of the Red Lynx, Fritz had raised a secret militia known as the Rote Armee (means ‘Red Army’ in German).  Its purpose was to bring Mayor Manx out of power and destroy him and his family line to avenge his ancestor’s death and his family’s suffering from the shame when MegaWar II had ended.  Fritz lives his daily life as the CEO of Reliable Bank, a branch his father had began.  Money from this was also funneled into his militia.

His son Hans was formerly an Enforcer who later went to the MBI after a dismissal with the purpose of recruitment to the militia as well as intel.  When Hans refused to continue with his father’s plans, Fritz disowned him and attempted to later control him.  Using a ring once owned by the Red Lynx which contained the ghost pilot’s spirit, Fritz used his own son to carry out missions with the intention of killing Manx.  The plan failed when the MBI discovered the ring and defeated the Red Lynx’s spirit, freeing Hans who no longer wished to deal with his father again.

Time has passed and most is forgiven between Fritz and Hans, though Fritz still harbors hatred for the Manx family.  He has told his son and daughter-in-law that the Red Army has been disbanded, but whether or not it has remains to be seen.

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