Freddy Krueger is a major villain in the Character What franchise. And is The Main Antagonist of A Nightmare on Elm Street and its Many Sequels.

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Powers and Abilities

Freddy Krueger is the embodiment of nightmares and possesses many powers in the dream world.

  • Nightmare Manipulation: Freddy Kruegers can manipulate the nightmares of his victims.
  • Dream Manipulation: Freddy Frueger can also manipulate the dreams of his victims.
  • Oneiric Reality Warping: Freddy Krueger can warp reality into the dream world.
  • Dream Slaying: Freddy Krueger can kill his victims in their dreams, causing them to be kill in reality.
  • Soul Absorption: Freddy Krueger can absorb his victims' souls after killing them.
  • Nightmare Imprisonment: Freddy Krueger can trap his victims in their nightmares.
  • Transmutation:
  • Wallcrawling: Freddy Krueger can craw on walls.
  • Size-Alteration: Freddy Krueger can alter his size into small or big.
  • Fear Empowerment:
  • Fear Inducement:
  • Prehensile Tongue:
  • Shape-Shifting:
  • Blood Manipulation:
  • Telekinesis:
  • Elasticity:
  • Regeneration:
  • Teleportation:
  • Intangibility:
  • Age Manipulation:
  • Quicksand Generation:
  • Ground Liquification:
  • Super Strength:
  • Enhanced Stamina:
  • Invulnerability:
  • Immortally: