Freddy Fazbear or just Freddy is the false main antagonist of Five Nights at Freddy's.


His main color is brown but he also has a black top hat and a bowtie.His eye color is light.Being a animatronic he has a endoskeleton inside of him and wears a bear costume.


In the game he only goes after you in night 3 because he analises your strategy in the previous nights

Freddy Fazbear
Alias Freddy, Fredbear
Origin Unknown
Occupation Children Entertainer
Status Active until 6:00 A.M,
Skills Stealth, analysing the player's strategy, strenght to overpower a adult human
Hobby Singing, entertaining kids
Goals Stuff the player in a animatronic costume (In FNAF series)
When active he will hide in dark areas, making it hard to see him with only his endoskeleton eyes being able to be noticed.He doesn't appear in the blind spots and can catch you by suprise when you aren't watching the cameras.To defend agains't him you have to constantly check him on the cameras to slow him down when he is at the east hall corner you have to close your right door to make sure he doesn't enter the office.

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