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Fallen Milo
Fallen Milo.jpg
Alias Milo Asher (Real Name), Mr. Scars
Origin Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Status Alive
Skills Umbrakinesis
Hobby Destroying his own allies
Goals To destroy Swain (failed after he snapped out)

Fallen Milo is the possibly main antagonist of Five Nights at Firebitch's webcomic series. He is a dark version of Milo Asher/Mr. Scars after he fell into the pit by accident.


  • He does not appear in the comic yet. This was planned by MikoNeko while she didn't continue the comic.
  • Fallen Milo is similar to Dark Tohka from Date a Live II. Both of them are dark versions of the protagonists.
  • According to MikoNeko. Fallen Milo might turn back to normal when Swain tries to snap out of him.

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