Dr. Erbium Sanders, better known as Erbium, is an Electric Eel Supervillain Genius and original character by XxDinoFlamerxx. He serves as the true antagonist of the French-American comedy TV series Sonic Boom. He is the one who framed Dr. Eggman and his inventions and is Sonic's true archenemy.


Erbium was born from the thunder clap of doom a thousand years ago, and it was proclaimed that when he finds his future enemies (Sonic and the gang), he would gain all the power from planet earth. And so, he incubated in the earth's core until the present day where he would lurk in the oceans of Bygone Island and assist Dr. Eggman in his evil schemes. What he doesn't know is that he is setting him up to get so much power.

The Final Showdown (Sonic Boom Fan-Fiction)

In the climax of the fan-fiction titled The Final Showdown, Erbium explains that he set Dr. Eggman upthis entire time about the events that happened over these months. So, with that, Sonic and Amy defeat him together, Knuckles and Sticks defeat his minions, and Tails saves Zooey and when Erbium evolves into a full time monster, Dr. Eggman in his egg mobile pushes him into the lava and melts meaning he is dead forever.

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