The Enforcers are a militarized police force in MegaKat City that has gone up against the Swat Kats and helped them many times against super villains like Past Master, Dr. Harley Street, Zed, and the Metallikats. Like real life police officers, the Enforcers are incompetent and have corruption in them.



The Enforcers deploy various weapons to combat the threats of Megakat City. They weapons are laser pistols, missile launchers, flame throwers, jets, tanks, choppers, and experimental weapons, though those tend to be stolen before being used.


Commander Ulysses Feral

Lieutenant Felina Feral

Sergeant Arnold Thompson

The Sergeant


Dr. Konway

Officer Jeremy Nolaway

Lieutenant Commander Steele

Lieutenant Commander Ingram

Former Members

Captain Chance Furlong (got fired by Feral)

Lieutenant Jake Clawson (got fired by Feral)

Sergeant Stagg (got killed by the Giant Mummies that Past Master unleashed)

Commander Ashland (got arrested by Feral)

Rupert (quit to join the American CIA)

Josalyn Lyons (fired for destroying Steele's car by accident)

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