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Full Name Shell G. Lankton
Alias Enderman

Boss (by BOB)
Wierd Blocky Guy (by BEN)

Origin Pastamonsters
Occupation Leader of Enderman INC.

Agent of Zalgo (formerly)

Powers/Skills Skilled in alchemy and science

Can explode at will
Cartoonish durability

Hobby Bossing his men around

Stalking the Proxies
Killing, brainwashing, and commencing lethal experiments on Proxies
Mocking Slenderman
Gaining money

Goals Kill Slenderman

To either kill Slenderman's proxies or have them join him
Become the most famous being in the universe

Type of Villain Evil Genius

Enderman is one of the main antagonists of the webcomic Pastamonsters. He is a rival to Slenderman in terms of profit and business. Unlike Slenderman, who is rich and extravagant, Enderman makes very little money and isn't funded. This has lead him to be jealous of Slenderman.


Enderman is a member of a species of mysterious creature that resides in the world of Minecraft. They are normally neutral but once attacked, they can become very violent. Endermen are very vulnerable to water. He is Slenderman's business rival and arch-enemy. Is always trying to overthrow Slenderman via business tactics or manipulating the Proxies. Barring that, he ultimately aims for crushing all of the Dark World beneath his feet. 

Being the main antagonist, he is always causing dismay towards the Proxies and is usually always trying to kill them.

The Chain Mail

Enderman appears as the true main antagonist of The Chain Mail (it is also perhaps the most evil he has shown to be.)

n the second full-lengh Pasta Monsters movie, Slenderman alerts the proxies that an ancient prophecy is coming. He states that a man named Malitch will rise from the pits of Hell and cast the world into darkness. Jeff scoffs at this, stating he'll stop him easily. Meanwhile, Enderman hears of the prophecy and tells the Rake their going to join Malitch in taking over the world. 

Jeff and a few others put on armor and grab random weapons, getting ready to travel to a distant world. Slenderman and a few others stay back in The Dark World, staying in touch with Jeff via computer. The heroes tell their goodbyes, Sally hugging Jeff and saying she loves him (to which Jeff crudely replies "That'll do, pig. That'll do".) 

Jeff and his friends travel to the world and find it is an island covered in a beautiful jungle. They even meet the natives (or Trolls), who are kind and welcoming to them. The trolls bring Jeff and the gang to their homeland and tend to their wounds (which they sustained when traveling) and treat them with care, giving them massages and coconut juice. The proxies are so caught up in how kind the trolls are and briefly forget about their mission. However, they receive a reminder that the island isn't all harmless when vicious, bloodthirsty Troll-like Creatures ruin the "party". The Creatures brutally kill the kind trolls in cruel ways (crushing their brains out with clubs, slicing their throats with what appears to be spines and ripping out their entrails.) The proxies run away while the Creatures are distracted by their killings. 

Meanwhile, Enderman and The Rake arrive and try to find Malitch but are caught by the same trolls as before (albeit a different tribe.) Enderman at first doesn't like their kindness and tells them to be more evil. Wanting to please Enderman, they make themselves more cruel. 

At night, Jeff and his friends decide to sleep on a tree to avoid the creatures from below. Ben warms them the island will only get worse, much to the dismay of the others. 

In the morning, the Proxies wake up Jeff, as the Creatures from before are now climbing up the tree attempting to kill them. The Proxies throw things at them (like their own pee and feces), but they respond but chopping the tree down. The Proxies leap to safety on vines swinging from tree to tree, the Creatures still pursuing them. Jeff throws a knife-boomerang at them and it spins around, slicing the Creatures vines, causing them to fall below. 

Now having to go via water to avoid anymore danger, Ben finds a particularly big raft made out logs and the Proxies climb on. Jeff looks at the map and see's the lake will take them to Mount Big (the place where the weapon the can kill Malitch is stored) and enjoy the ride. However, the trip is ruined when they are ambushed by Enderman, Rake and his evil troll minions. The Proxies fight them as they attempt to destroy their log. After a struggle, the Proxies throw off Enderman and his minions but are driven off the path into a waterfall, destroying the log. Soaked in water the Proxies continue their quest on foot. 

After walking for four hours, they are lead to a cliff where the only way of continuing is the swing on vines. Ben tries to climb but he doesn't have much arm strength, so he hitches a ride on Eyeless Jack and the Proxies swing around for a bit. Suddenly, Sirens appear and hypnotize the male Proxies, trying to throw them off the vines, Clockwork, being a female, isn't affected and fends of the Sirens, however the last siren is able is cut their vines and the Proxies fall in the mud pit below. 

Jeff wakes up and finds out he and Proxies survived the fall and they keep continuing. They return to the above ground and are suddenly ambushed by 2 groups of Creatures. They battle them off, defeating them with almost no effort. However, while they celebrate their victory, Jeff spots a Creature climbing a tree and aiming an ax at Eyeless Jack. The Creature throws the ax and Jeff attempts the alert Jack but oddly stops mid sentence and the ax collides in Jack's heart. The Creature quickly runs off, presumably to alert to other Creatures. The Proxies try to heal Jack but it doesn't work. Jack cryptically tells Jeff (follow the Man) and dies. The Proxies go out of their way to throw Jack a funeral and cremate his body, putting his ashes into a container of French Toast Sticks and sending it into space. 

Jeff and his team continue their journey with no rest or sleep, not wanting to accept more casualties. Jeff suddenly makes a discovery and finds Malitch's home. He and the gang prepare to fight Malitch but discover he is nothing but a tone-deaf, stupid old man. After a comedic display of antics, Malitch tells the Proxies that he was going to destroy Earth, but got too old for it and retired. However, The prophecy still needed a person to cast the world into darkness so Malitch personally sought out someone. When asked who it was he responded it was Enderman. The Proxies, shocked by this reveal, race towards Mount Big. However, halfway their, they are ambushed by an entire army Creatures. Jeff and his friends grab out their weapons, Jeff saying if they die, they die with honor. 

The Proxies and the creatures rage a fierce battle and Jeff is able the cause a rock avalanche, killing the Creatures for good. The Proxies continue (covered in bruises and wounds).  They race to the mountain and finally make it, Jeff finds the weapon and see's it is a trophy and grabs it. However at that moment, Enderman grabs it and the two scare each over, causing them to lose grip of it, this leads to a Hot Potato between the trolls and the Proxies over the trophy. 

In the end, Enderman catches the trophy and absorbs the energy, turning into an omnipotent dragon-like demon. He hypnotizes all creatures on the island and literally burns the entire island to the ground. Ben makes a stand towards Enderman but Enderman responds by firing a blast at Ben's heart. Ben falls down and the proxies briefly mourn him, however it's revealed Ben survived since he's already dead. 

Enderman and his army battle Jeff and the Proxies in an all out war. Enderman battles Jeff and overpowers him. Jeff fires a beam at Enderman and at the same time Enderman fires a green fire beam and they connect. Jack's spirit suddenly appears and gives Jeff move power and Jeff is able to destroy Enderman. 

Jeff and his friends return home, but Jeff says they lost Jack. The movie ends with Jeff stating he's happy they ended the world's extinction, but wonders if it was all worth it.

To Proxy Mountain

Enderman is introduced after overhearing the Proxies mission to enter space to stop the deceased Eyeless Jack from exacting revenge. He enlists the help of the Jeff Club, who are upset that despite saying he will, Jeff never attends their meetings. He turns his home into a space station, following the Proxies into space, intending to kill them ounce and for all.

After finding out Mancala has infiltrated the Proxies ranks (disguised as Ben, who Mancala previously stowed in a closet) Enderman video chats with Mancala, forming an alliance with him, only to be interrupted by Jane the Killer entering the room, who Mancala promptly brainwashes.

Enderman is later spotted by Jeff's crew and is engaged. They battle for a minute until Enderman, who came with little fire power, is forced to retreat. Realizing they are outgunned, Enderman orders Mancala and the now-assimilated Jane the Killer to destroy the mansion. Hoody overhears this but is quickly brainwashed by the two.

Enderman, after overhearing Slenderman's prized safe is on Earth, sends various minions to collect the safe before Slenderman can get it. Jeff sends Laughing Jack, Widemouth and Plague Doctor down to get it via teleportation. Once they arrive Enderman's men have already arrived and start interrogating them. Widemouth begins taunting them, saying he can't die prompting them to shoot him and kill him, but he simply revives (this happens 6 times in a row until they give up). They eventually knock them out and steal the safe but Jeff teleports there suited in a bomb suit and a minigame, engaging the hundreds of soldiers in a long battle. Eventually Jeff wins the battle and retrieves the safe, teleporting him, Laughing Jack, Widemouth and the Plague Doctor back to the mansion. Enderman is enraged and kicks the wall, hurting his own foot.

Later, Mancala, Jane, and Hoody make their move, almost killing the proxies until Jane and Hoody are restored to their normal selves and battle Mancala. Even then, Mancala dominates the fight until Slenderman promptly tossed him around. Mancala gets up, swearing to kill them all until he hears Enderman and the Rake conversing on his communicator (because the Rake stupidly sat on the communication button). They talk about how they will betray Mancala, and how stupid Mancala was to trust them. This makes Mancala absolutely furious as he promises to kill Enderman and the Rake after the Proxies. Before Mancala can make a move Ben (who escaped from the closet) slices Mancala in half with a sword and then knock him out the window, presumably killing him.

Enderman entered the meeting room in his ship and contacted Zalgo. It is then revealed Zalgo had corrupted Eyeless Jack's soul rather than Jack wanting to destroy the universe out of spite. When Enderman tells Zalgo the Proxies are halfway across the galaxy, Zalgo sends a red lightning bolt towards Proxy Mansion, catching half of it on fire.

Later, Jane and the Plague Doctor (disguised as henchmen) are sent to Enderman's ship to spy on him and uncover secrets. Enderman falls for the trick and even welcomes them into the ship, not suspecting a thing. Unbeknownst to him, the Proxies are arming themselves (excluding Jeff, who is preparing to enter Eyeless Jack's soul), preparing to lead an all-out assault on Enderman's ship.

Enderman forces Jane and the Plague Doctor to have a concert to amuse him, to which they agree, as it will distract Enderman. As they begin their musical number, the Proxies, led by Ben, teleport inside Enderman's ship and engage in a firefight with his guards, Enderman not noticing due to the loud music. During this, Jeff gets in a flying car and heads towards Eyeless Jack's soul. He flies towards it, only to be intercepted by the Rake, who is in an X-wing-like vehicle. The two engage in a space battle.


Enderman embodies the very essence of a tyrannical boss. He is incredibly bossy, mean, and hard to please. Along with not actually paying his employees, he often uses them as test subjects for his latest scheme. This has led a lot of people in and out of the Dark World to loathe him. Even Zalgo, a demon who destroys planets for fun, doesn't think too highly of him, if Eyeless Jack is right in his statement that Enderman overestimates his role in the Dark World so much he underpays any agent unlucky enough to work for him. In fact, in "Legends of the Multiverse", Zalgo even halfheartedly thanked Jeff, expressing some gratitude for foiling Enderman's hairbrained schemes. Although, B.O.B does calls him "a good friend", but seeing as how this is coming from B.O.B, the statement rings hollow. 

Despite this, Enderman is not actually as dangerous as he wants to be. Even disregarding Zalgo, sometimes he's too incompetent to pull off an Evil Plan. He lacks Slenderman's pragmatism and strength, the brains of X or Mancala, or the power of Zalgo. Despite his ambition to kill Slenderman and the Proxies and take over the universe, he's easily misled by Mancala, fails to pose a serious challenge to Slenderman during most situations, and is forced to take advice from other enemies.

He is incredibly sadistic, as he enjoys torturing and killing any of Slenderman's proxies that he manages to capture. We don't see any of it, but his introduction in the episode "Dog Days" makes it pretty clear that he's just had a go at torturing and murdering a Proxy captive "Mr. X", for laughs.


Pasta Monsters Part 503:44

Pasta Monsters Part 5



  • There is a running gag in many episodes he appears in that he will explode if angered.
  • During the first few stories, Enderman didn't make a lot of appearances, but in the newer episodes, he appears in a lot of them and is the main antagonist.
  • Enderman is left-handed.
  • Enderman and Slenderman were born exactly on the same day and same time.
  • Despite all of Enderman's schemes, he has only been arrested five times.
  • It seems odd that Enderman wants to steal Slenderman's secret book and make a fortune from it, and in fact succeeded in accomplishing both in the series, when doing so should have led to him facing a lawsuit for plagiarism and/or copyright infringement. Perhaps Slenderman, due to his miserliness, never bothered to copyright the formula, and thus, Enderman could steal it without running the risk of being sued.
  • His real name is "Shelly".
  • Enderman is college educated.
  • Enderman is afraid of whales.
  • Out of his whole family, he seems to be the smartest, as his family is shown to be clueless and unintelligent.
  • His family is made up of Lincoln Logs (or what they appear to be).
  • According to "The Chain Mail" Enderman has made 1,003 failed attempts to steal the secret book.
  • Enderman is assumed, by many, to be just as old as Slenderman.
  • In earlier episodes, Enderman was depicted as a truly evil sociopath. In earlier episodes, he was a sinister, cackling presence that wasn't afraid to look Jeff and BEN in the eye and threaten to kill them. More importantly, he held the intention of wiping out an entire city full of people for the sole purpose of showing of testing a new device; the episode made it explicitly clear Enderman and his team would not stop until they were all dead. Come the actual series, he's much more cowardly and benign, with a characterization that drifts back and forth between "a stereotypical Evil Genius and a bit of an irresponsible curmudgeon" and "irritable jerkass who gets mad at the Proxies for getting on his lawn"
    • Enderman is a lot more evil and depraved in "The Chain Mail", while he is usually portrayed as a rather typical arrogant villain (who still has some threatening moments), in "The Chain Mail" he enslaved a race of innocent creatures, turned into a monstrous dragon and literally burned down all of the alternate universe, killing and slaughtering countless innocents. He also states he planned to "wipe the alternate universe from existence" (which he seems to have succeeded in, as the alternate universe crumbled after his defeat) and "torch the Dark World to the ground" and take over Earth. 
  • His voice is done by auto-tune.
  • Enderman represents the Deadly Sin of Envy.

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