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Emperius inmansuetus
Emperius, the Ultimate Hybrid
Alias "Savage Fuhrer"
Origin Unknown
Occupation Olympus Mons
Status Unknown
Skills Tri-Beam. A lost technique to the Ultimorians which utilizes Antimatter as a means of firing a powerful blast of energy.
Hobby Claiming new territory and fighting off competition.
Goals Not intelligent enough to have any known goal.

Emperius is the fourth Bonus Boss introduced in ESWN, and is the second boss to be an Ultimorian who guards one of the Ultima Shards. Composed of the genetic material of seven of the strongest "Zauridons" known to exist, Emperius has made a reputation of being the strongest Dinosaurian creature alive in this particular world. Isolated on the Southern Islands chain, Emperius is generally seen in the volcanic, central island which serves as the capital of the Avians. However, despite both of their shared ancestral in the form of primitive Archosaurs, Emperius showcases hostility towards the Avians; the only thing that has typically held Emperius back from the springs area of the capital were the Draconic beasts that are known to harass and heckle Emperius like pests, but most importantly, the leader of the Draconics of East Island known as Crimson, one of the very few Red Dragons still alive. However, due to tension between Chief Kass and Crimson, Crimson has yet to return to the Southern Islands as of late, and thus Emperius has slowly began to emerge from the volcanic caverns on the primary island...

Emperius serves as the unofficial Final Boss of the upcoming Demo Version of ESWN, due to the fact Emperius has the absolute highest stats of any enemy character in the Demo Version.


  • Emperius is one of the two Legendary Zauridons who guard an Ultima Gem Shard. However, despite exploding upon defeat and vanishing, it's later made clear that Emperius still lives at Southern Islands. Alienasaur, the other guard, was confirmed to be killed off after it's boss fight; solely because Alienasaur is a much more abundant species as a whole.

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