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Alias Terra Novus
Origin Unknown
Occupation Queen of Esopia (Formerly)
Status Alive
Skills Power to corrupt Esopians
Hobby Brainwashing Esopians, Killing Corrupted Esopians if they failed to do her orders
Goals To destroy Earth

Efreet, also known as Terra Novus when disguised as an Esopian. Is the main antagonist of Terra Novus.


Efreet was rumored by Esopians that she is an entity that watches over Esopia, their home planet. Efreet was obsessed with Raphael Novus, the king of Esopia. She transforms into an Esopian named Terra so she can marry him and become a queen of Esopia.

After Saima was born. Azazel, Raphael's older brother. Planned to destroy the planet Earth, but was vanished by Terra into a smoke with her powers. When Saima was 8 years old, Terra gave birth to another daughter named Raziel. Terra's true powers was revealed due that her powers absorbed Azazel (Who was turned into a smoke) causing her to turn back into Efreet. Raphael escaped from his castle and hides his two daughters in a cave and was killed by Efreet.

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