Eddy is one of the three main protagonists of the Ed, Edd n Eddy XL franchise. He is the ambitious, self-proclaimed leader of the Eds and is voiced by Tony Sampson.

As he is in the original Ed, Edd n Eddy, Eddy is shown to be greedy, ill-tempered, selfish, laid-back, easily frustrated and narcissistic. He still has an immense obsession with money, but in Ed, Edd n Eddy XL, he doesn't get it by scamming people. Instead, he does it a whole different way. In fact, the parody Eddy is depicted as an adventurer rather than a scammer. He has quite the appetite for embarking on dangerous and daring adventures in order to get the cash he needs for him and the other two Eds, so they can buy jawbreakers.

Of course, Eddy's greed and paranoia can cause him to take his adventuring duties too far at times.

Villainous Acts

Ed See, Ed Do: doesn't have any cash for jawbreakers, so he tries to steal them instead. Button Mash helps him try to succeed in doing this, but gets grounded from video games for a week as a result of helping Eddy shoplift.

Rocket Eds: escapes the Moon of Planet Aaa and accidentally leaves the other two Eds to be attacked and nearly eaten alive by the mutants living on the Moon.

Party all Ed Long: accuses Pinkie Pie of trying to hide a dark and disturbing secret in the room that can only be accessed by the authorized personnel. Button Mash joins him in doing this. Later on, Eddy finds out that it was just a party cannon Pinkie was hiding, which causes him to go insane and try to blast Pinkie in front of everyone/everypony.

Ed's Hardest Game: teases Button Mash and thinks he isn't good at playing Pong.

Pizza-Backed Ed: gets angry when he spots Button Mash making money by making Ed a laughing stock, because of his back pimples. This results in him beating the snot out of him and having him getting grounded from video games for two weeks.

Urban Ed-boys: wants to get revenge on the Urban Rangers (Rolf, Button Mash and Sweetie Belle) for making fun of his talent. He does this by trying to pull pranks on them.

Either Ed Works: takes advantage of his job to clean up Button Mash's room while him and Elaina Mash go to the candy store. This results in Eddy not earning any jawbreakers.

I Come in Ed: makes Button Mash hallucinate and think that Sweetie Belle is a mutant creature from either under the sea, or outer space. After Button attacks Sweetie, this causes her feelings to get hurt and for Elaina to ground him for three days.

The Ed-cubus Attacks: accidentally summons a four-legged Mutant Bus Driver by insulting Trixie.


"If you can't beat them, show off!"

"I want my money!"

"What saps! What suckers! *laughs hysterically*"

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