(Note: for the articles on both of their regular forms, click here (Grandis) or here (Dragora's Avatar), or possibly here (Dragora Galaxia).)

Chaos-MegaloGrandis and Chaos-Kagugora are two titanic beasts which are the living representations of both MegaloGrandis and Kagugora's former powers before both of them were scaled down in power by the Winds of Existence. Both are entities of a sorts which had manifested into the Fantasy Life universe in an attempt to "awaken the Invincible One". In appearance, their overall physical structures are identical to their namesakes, but their coloration are completely shrouded in a toxic shadow with both of them possessing glowing, red eyes. Together they are the main antagonists of "Deity Within The Moon", which is the origin story for Neo Ultimorian Canon Ultima.


One fateful evening when an Semi-Elven Ultima proposes to his girlfriend, Yuelia, both of them experience a lot of happiness at the news, and all of their friends gather for the planned wedding. However, a sudden tear in dimensions from what appears to the Megido Gauntlets of MegaloGrandis suddenly breaks open, and flying through the opening vortex is what appears to be Kagugora on the run from MegaloGrandis. However, right off of the bat, it appears that something is not right with the both of them; they are glowing in the same exact shadowy aura of the doom stone creatures from the events that took place long before this, meaning they are possibly being corrupted into these unknown, Chaos forms.

Ultima, having grown strong enough with the various Life jobs he's long since mastered, believes he, Yuelia, and their good friend Odin can stand a chance against the Duo of Chaos. However, while Yuelia and Odin's attacks are negated by the intense battle aura of the two juggernauts, Ultima surprisingly manages to land a critical blow to MegaloGrandis's right Megido Gauntlet. Soon later, the same wound is responsible for the weapon to break apart when MegaloGrandis confronts Kagugora. When Kagugora finally shows up into the field of battle, Kagugora's immense fields of radiation are... oddly absent; Ultima is somehow negating the radiation fields that Kagugora is letting loose, and this attracts the attention of Kagugora towards Ultima very quickly, and thus a chase ensues.

Eventually being forced away from his girlfriend and closest friend, Ultima is eventually captured by a powerful Wisp who claims he is responsible for unleashing these two beings to begin with. The Wisp, feeling to experiment with Ultima, forces a gemstone of sorts into his chest, thinking it is a doom stone, and throws him into a volcanic pit. Yuelia and Odin both arrive and tear apart the Wisp, as Ultima's hand emerges from the lava during the battle... but not the hand he was known to have had. Ultima, climbing out of the lava, emerges in pitch black armor with a cape completely surrounding him, and a cross-like visor covering his face.

When the Wisp threatens to kill Yuelia and Odin both, Ultima merely laughs as to how the Wisp thinks he'll escape alive like he had intended. The Wisp, stunned by how Ultima had learned his plan, is suddenly becoming nervous because the being he had apparently helped create was acting rather otherworldly than he would've liked. Not only that, but Ultima seemed to now effectively control MegaloGrandis and Kagugora, and unleashed both titanic deities on the Wisp as they both maul the wisp to dust, freeing Yuelia and Odin, as Ultima utilizes his omnipotence against both MegaloGrandis and Kagugora and purifies the two of them in addition to shrinking them and scaling down their powers. Both entities, upon realizing where they are, promptly leave back for Ultimoria as Ultima works on cleaning up their damages they had both made.

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