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Draikox, the Harbinger of Destruction
Alias Unknown
Origin Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Status Alive
Skills Unknown
Hobby Unknown
Goals Unknown

Draikox (Pronounced as "Dry Cocks").... is the absolute most bizarre, twisted case of Alternate Character Interpretation among the fanbase dedicated to the Beasts of Power Virtual Pets long before Season 2 of the show based around it aired. Draikox, due to an unforeseen glitch in the original release of the Series 1 V-Pet, had a glitch which amplified all of Draikox's damage output in all of his attacks to instant kill levels regardless of what the maximum amount of HP the was completely capable of having, and seemingly bypasses Defense with it's Signature Move, now renamed "Theia's Landing" as a result of the TV show's adaptation of Draikox turning the once benevolent, pacifist Dragon that was originally known as Astraeus, now retconned into the outright monstrous destroyer known as Draikox, which is an alternate spelling of an insult older players used whenever Draicox was used in battles to oneshot other Beasts, due to the fact Draicox, in the re-releases, is actually given the abilities it has in the cartoon even with the glitch being fixed with the latest re-release of the Series 1 roster, and that even the rosters from the future series that fulfill Draikox's slot role in terms of what defines him as a final form, none of them have the insane one hit kill attacks as Draikox and function just like Draikox was originally intended; weak stats by incredible damaging moves.


  • HP: 4/10
  • SP: 4/10
  • Offense: 2/10
  • Defense: 1/10
  • Speed: 1/10
  • Base Damage: ∞/10*
  • Note: The old and current calculation makes no difference, since Draikox always instantly kills his opponents regardless of who they are, so no assumption can be made for the exact rank of Draikox's base damage other than infinity and beyond...

Meta-universe lore

Not much is known of what Draikox was like as Astraeus before Season 2 of Beasts of Power premiered on television, but all that is currently known is that Astraeus was intended as a highly benevolent and peaceful Dragon, whose incredible power was meant to maintain balance between good and evil. When players coined the term "Dry Cocks" to use as an insult to any player who used Astraeus solely for his instant kill glitch, then that is where the modern name for Draikox. The original meaning intended for the fan nickname was due to the fact it implied they were bastards who were perverted with a sick lust for absolute power, since Astraeus was a Dragon intended for keeping the peace, and yet the battles between players almost focus too heavily around the damn thing to the point anybody who has one is immediately getting an instant win, and thus led to many bans among friends preventing them from having Astraeus as their current beast, and that Draikox was probably some deliberate joke on the creators of the series, and some twisted joke it was, since once Season 2 debuted the animated incarnation of Astraeus, it was not depicted as a benevolent Dragon, but rather a cosmic Eldritch Abomination in the guise of a Green Dragon as it's physical form in which it travels all across the cosmos to wreak absolute havoc and terror on the weak, whether they deserve it or not.

It is believed part of the "Cosmic Horror" element of Draikox's form is the result of a creepypasta fanfiction which is eerily similar to the final result of Draikox's episode, which depicted a formless, Lovecraftian Deity killing and consuming Astraeus and taking on his own form so that it can go on a spree of destruction now that it's free of the problem of no longer having a true, physical body, and apparently Draikox's mind utilized brutal mind rape on Astraeus to destroy him and absorb his body and claim it for himself.

In-universe lore

Draikox, an a being beyond the current realm of Animalia and an abomination to all evolution, is an unidentified extraterrestrial Kaiju that takes the guise of the long dead Dragon prince known as Astraeus, who Draikox personally murdered to acquire the phenomenal power and physical form he had at his disposal. When Draikox arrived in Season 2, it was during a solar eclipse from which Draikox's sudden arrival completely took all of the main cast by outright surprise, even characters who didn't normally show such emotion outright panicked at the sight of Draikox. Nobody knows why they know who he is given the fact The Ape King had to degenerate all life earlier prior to this, but when The Ape King is revived, Draikox personally landed on the continent that the heroes and The Ape King originally called home, and summoned a gigantic dwarf planet to smash into the continent and destroy it, which in and of itself nearly destroyed the entire planet. Only from the heroes and The Ape King teaming up together did Draikox's sadistic lust for carnage and chaos ended, since several damages to Draikox's wings proved that while Draikox is nearly invincible offensively, it's by no means immortal and immune to being crippled. When Draikox made one last attempt to simply crush his much smaller adversaries, they infiltrated the inside of Draikox's body and destroyed the four hearts of his true form, as Draikox exploded with such a bright flash of light that it's death could be seen from the farthest reaches of space, and thus The Ape King's words of other villains from elsewhere outside of Eden arriving to try and take over turn true, and with The Ape King back from the dead after all the effort it took to kill him in the first place, nobody was certain if true peace will ever exist anymore on Eden, now that Draikox's own extinction event is devastating the whole planet, and it will be a good several years before the weather stabilizes enough to where the planet's environments can return to normal.

In The Blue Tri

As part of an even more twisted joke from Omnicron in Season 3, almost immediately after the failure of The Ape King to kill Kerason and the other protagonists, and the fact that the Dinoids have now fully allied with them, Omnicron forces a solar eclipse to occur and summons Draikox into the real world by taking advantage of the blocked out sun to keep Omnicron himself hidden during the summoning ritual of bringing Draikox into the real world. With Draikox's immense size, the Dinoids were forced to reveal a secret weapon that they never intended to use again; the various carrier ships the Dinoids are shown to have can combine into a singular, super massive Dinoid Knight called "Daiamphigod", the absolute largest Dinoid on record, far surpassing Gigantor the Great in ordinary size alone. Omnicron soon realizes that Draikox will need to be capable of slaying Daiamphigod if Omnicron's own plans are to continue, but not before Omnicron immediately seizes his chance and hijacks Daiamphigod's harddrives and beginning draining all of his data, coding, and AI at the rate of a supermassive black hole due to how much coding there exists on Daiamphigod's body given how Daiamphigod's Master Mode tops Draikox's own size with a height of 500 kilometers in height, but Omnicron doesn't need to worry, since the largest data feast had been forced to reveal itself due to the sheer threat Draikox presented to the Dinoids.

Within an hour, the battle between Draikox and Daiamphigod seemingly ended with Daiamphigod as the victor... only for Omnicron to have just finished devouring all of the data on Daiamphigod's mind and causes the gargantuan mecha to fall into the intense gravity field of Jupiter, as Draikox turns out to have survived, and is flying off into the depths of space, where it shall seek out an entirely different galaxy to attack, since the Milky Way is far too heavily armed for it to even attempt to cause any destruction like it so much desires to do so. With Draikox's sick lust for destruction and chaos never-ending, not even the Series Finale of The Blue Tri reveals whether or not Draikox survived, and that Draikox may have outright succeeded Omnicron's throne when Dogma and KeraKing destroyed Omnicron, and that Draikox's power is so great, it heads to the next target it currently now has to mind; Neo Kagubot.

10K Guardian Beast

(Note: Non-canon info approaching.)

Draikox appears as the bonus boss of the future realm, appearing in a desolate castle at the moment of a solar eclipse. Unlike all of the other Ultimorian Bosses in the game, Draikox gets no foreshadowing other than the mention of how frequent solar eclipses happen in this particular zone. Given how the astronomical event is heavily associated with Draikox more so than any other Ultimorian, this is the closest Draikox gets to any foreshadowing of it's existence in this game.

Draikox's battle phase involves the fact that Draikox only needs to hit you twice to kill you; at full HP, you will be immediately dealt damage that'll leave you at 1 HP. The second attack is guaranteed to KO due to such. The strategy for Draikox, though, is not too different from any other Dragon Category Boss, but keep in mind that Draikox can easily score a KO if given the chance to do so. There's also the fact Draikox is much, much larger than any other Western Dragon species Boss in the game. Statistically, just like his depiction in Beasts of Power, is very weak, and he has only 400,000 HP, which isn't a lot considering some characters can frequently take damage in the millions and still survive. Draikox's natural resistances, however, greatly reduce the damage that Draikox takes. Without this, however, Draikox can easily be OHKO'd by any attack by the time you get to it's location in the game.

A special reward comes in the form of a Beasts of Power set of cards that can be used for support summons, and Draikox is one of the cards available in the set.

(Note: Non-canon info ends here.)


  • Through alternate character interpretation alone, Astraeus was believed to have crossed the moral event horizon due to willing following the orders of the players who used in to immediately win battles. However, it's incarnation as Draikox, from whom Astraeus was murdered by just to fulfill Draikox's sick fantasies of being a harbinger of destruction as an almighty Dragon, Draikox is the only character both in-universe and meta to be considered a Complete Monster due to the fact Draikox shows virtually zero redeeming qualities or any sign that it has a heart outside of causing insane amounts of destruction and extinction events.
  • When summoned via the special deck of Tarot Cards in 10K Guardian Beast after having earned the Beasts of Power summons via defeating Draikox the first time, Draikox's portal and seal insignia is unique from all of the others. The other summons use either a portal from the sky and have a halo (Halo Sky), come from the ground or a solid surface and be covered in chains of blood (Dark Inferno), or come from any or all directions and have an aura that's both freezing, electrified, and on fire (Chaos Void). Draikox, instead, forcefully brings up a total Solar Eclipse on the plain he's summoned on, and emerges from the darkened sun, in which Draikox's restraint is a screen "A1" icon above his head, representing "Assist 1". If another assist is being used at the same time, the number changes from either 1 to 10, with the overall limit of total summons being present being 10 at any single time.

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