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Dragora (Rebirth)
Alias Dragora Galaxia
Origin Unknown
Occupation Overseer of the Legion
Status Alive
Skills Self replication and energy regeneration via reflections of both light and shadow against his astral wings.
Constantly floating thanks to his Ultima Gem.
Incredibly heavy despite what one would think otherwise, making him a powerful physical fighter.
Traverse across space-time itself.
Variable magic elements at his disposal.
Hobby  ???
Goals  ???

Dragora, more fittingly called Dragora Galaxia nowadays, is the reincarnation of the Neo Canon version of Kagubot, and is thus a direct continuation of the original Dragora as a result because Neo Canon Kagubot, in turn, is a direct reincarnation of the original Dragora. While not much is known about Dragora Galaxia, his motivations, even if he serves the side of a protagonist on an occasion, are clearly implying he has some kind of malevolent scheme in mind, but as of Endgame, this scheme in question has yet to be revealed, but at the same time, various avatars of Dragora appear in other universes to spread Dragora Galaxia's will across existence itself. Whatever his goals are, they are indeed a mysterious objective to those who know very little of Dragora to begin with. The (now heroic) Dragora the Dark was once but another avatar of Dragora, before it "broke the chain" and became and ordinary, six-limbed Draconid.


Dragora Galaxia seems to have inherited the personality of several of his older incarnations, as Dragora is known to be a smug, tenacious son of a bitch that knows exactly what is going to happen next, but at the same time, nobody knows what Dragora Galaxia is building up to with each individual step taken towards this plan; each step is also notorious for placing the blame on another Ultimorian Deity, and it isn't until well after the incidents in question that these incidents are directly caused by Dragora Galaxia's master plan. He also seems to like hanging around Shiramu Inc. in the shadows during meetings between Grandis and Ultima, as if spying on their conversation as to get an idea as to further his own master plan.

Dragora Galaxia, on the battlefield, is a very difficult yet also very different beast of an opponent. His usual smug attitude is replaced by a very serious, yet still somewhat smug, attitude that allows him to constantly stay focused during the battle and know precisely how to keep himself in the battle without losing. His more serious, quiet attitude here heavily contrasts a lot with how Dragora Galaxia acts outside of battle. He even acknowledges he feels like an entirely different person during both aspects of his own lifestyle, but this could also be traced back to Dragora's famous quote which makes Dragora the Ultimorian answer to the mythological demon called "Legion", who claimed that "we are many". If the same applies to Dragora Galaxia, which it already sort of does with his various avatars, then it could easily explain why Dragora Galaxia acts so differently depending on the situation.

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