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Thy name is Dragora, for we are many...
~ Dragora

Dragora (archived as "Mal Dragora" since the Neo Ultimorian Canon) is an obscure entity even for the other known Ultimorian Deities. "He" is from an unidentified species who existed in an environment made almost entirely of anti-matter, and he is the only survivor of that era in existence due to the fact he was the most powerful predatory creature from the era to begin with. With how insanely old Dragora is, it is heavily speculated that he existed long before Martin gained godhood and became Grandis, meaning if this is the case, then Dragora had deliberately been using Martin's youthful imagination to both give himself a physical form, and also use as a basis for the other Ultimorian Deities. However, he did not seem to mind Oblivion much, but grew very agitated of him when Oblivion had kicked Dragora out of his normal domain, and forced him to hide in an unsuitable habitat. When Martin recruited him into Clan Ultimoria, he was more than willing to join so long as his old rival Ultima got to join in as well.


The best way to describe Dragora is that he is humanoid Black Dragon of sorts, originating from space and even has entire stars and galaxies visible from his paper-thin wings, which he has four of. All over his body are magenta lines that serve as a power connection between his body and an artifact called "The Ultima Gem", which is located on his chest. Perhaps Dragora's oddest feature is that his outlines are presented in a magenta coloration, even in locations where outlines are normally black or some other color altogether. This is apparently meant to be Dragora's message to everyone that he is not normal by any means, and that wherever he truly originated from, we may never know exactly how powerful Dragora is.


Dragora is a reality warper of the most dangerous kind, as Dragora's mere interactions with the environment can render entire landscapes inhospitable, and his special powers are willing given to Grandis to allow for Grandis to reinforce his armies with the most powerful energy source possible. What exactly his actual abilities are remain mysterious, but during his introduction with Grandis, he appeared to be able to both create copies of himself at will, and hide within or transform into black holes, in of course the standard issue ability of Ultimorian Deities being able to survive in the vacuum of space.


Dragora is very mysterious and has a thing for keeping secrets about just about everyone. It knows that Grandis was originally an ordinary human, it knows that Oblivion would lead them down the wrong path from the start, and it also knew that Grandis would be the future leader of them all. Dragora, compared the others, is the most loyal to Grandis, since it heavily believed Grandis had accidentally been the one to create Dragora in the first place, but no confirmation of this behavior exists. In addition, his behavior of direct indifference towards mortals can label him as a complete monster to those who face his wrath, as collateral damage is something he won't even bother avoiding in his fights, and he will gladly off hundreds of thousands of individuals if he is given the command to do so.


Born approximately 7 trillion years ago according to Dragora's own words, Dragora would have a great impact on the history of humankind in Ultimoria, and would be the first Ultimorian Deity to truly rebel against Oblivion's rule, and in doing so he caused the extinction of humans to flush out Grandis from his "hiding" state, as if Grandis had actually existed prior to Martin actually becoming him. Dragora, however, chose not to directly join Grandis just yet, though he did influence his mind for Grandis to challenge Hydriska to a battle to the death to determine if Grandis is truly worth being a leader. When Grandis claimed victorious and revived Hydriska as a minion, Dragora appeared somewhere nearby within the depths of space, and is the second deity to join Grandis's cult. Once Grandis had eliminated any threat and rule that Oblivion had shown to them, Grandis gave the first order to invade other universes like Dragora and various others had done in the past.

Invasions against Worlds

VS Kyubey

Apparently Dragora did some behind the scenes work on Kyubey to force him to fall victim to the Black Hole Spawner to begin with. This was solely to prove Grandis as a threat to the Incubators, forcing them into such a panic that the next time Grandis did show up, he would have no trouble obliterating all of them. When Grandis eventually did return, Dragora amplified Grandis's Frigid Sword with a forbidden technique, and almost immediately it was as if the Incubators never even existed, as nobody but Dragora could recall their existence. Whatever Dragora had done to Grandis's Frigid Sword was so immense that it was capable of not only rendering a species extinct, but also completely erasing them from the timeline. Whether this is also the cause of the improved condition of the Madoka Magica universe is unclear, but Dragora was frequently sighted here for inexplicable reasons even after the Incubators were erased, as apparently when he had arranged for them to be destroyed, something that only Dragora was capable of facing had shown up in the timelines to replace them...

Ancient History (Grandis VS Kagugora)

Kagugora, The Infinite One
Alias Unknown
Origin Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Status Alive
Skills Unknown
Hobby Unknown
Goals Unknown

While many knew of the existence of Kagubot once it's secrets were discovered, they knew very little about it. Dragora, however, knew more about it than one would seem. After all, Dragora IS the reincarnation of Kagubot, which is something that Ultima feared greatly, all the while Grandis was mostly indifferent to the idea, as he believed Dragora's "hidden powers" could come in handy sometime. However, what they didn't expect was for Dragora's behavior to suddenly become very violent, to the point his dialogue became very glitched up in nature...

" ,?y "n is ,dragora = ,i am "o4"
~ Dragora through his corrupt state

When he finished speaking, Dragora began to glow with an odd aura that immediately proved a threat to everyone around him, greatly injuring Ultima and Hydriska, but it appeared to have no effect whatsoever on Grandis. Leaving Ultimoria, Dragora, radiating in highly unstable raw energy, and the aura emanating from Dragora kept continuously growing, to the point several multiverses were threatened by Dragora's gamma radiation field, which proved too powerful for even the most adapted lifeforms and nearly killed off Hydriska for good, but thankfully that didn't happen since Dragora moved out of range and Hydriska adapted quick enough to the influx of abnormal radiation to heal himself.

As the area of effect continued to grow increasingly massive, Dragora's body was beginning to surge with energy to the point that every hour he would let off an explosive shockwave that destroyed anything within range, and like the radiation field, each continuing shockwave was stronger than the last. From observation alone, Grandis was tasked with eliminating Dragora, since he was the only Ultimorian Deity to suffer not a single ill effect from Dragora's growing threat to all existence, which if not stopped, there would be no existence rebirth like with the aftermath of Kagubot. With this, Grandis upgraded his armor to maximize his ability to withstand Dragora's radiation, and quickly tracked down the juggernaut in order to slay him.

By the time Grandis reached Dragora, his communication with everything else was severed, and he arrived on an asteroid with what appeared to be crystallized gamma radiation, and Dragora was just about to arrive at the very molten core of the asteroid, where Grandis arrived and witnessed first hand Dragora's transformation, which appeared to briefly summon an afterimage of Kagubot, before both entities fused into one and became the most powerful Ultimorian Deity known as Kagugora, the Infinite One. With everything currently at risk of being outright destroyed, Grandis engaged the colossal Deity with haste.

As Grandis knew beforehand what Dragora's original weakspot was, he figured Kagugora had the same weakness still; striking the gemstone on it's chest would be the key to fatally injuring Kagugora. However, every strike at Kagugora's weakspot simply had the hyperdeity respond with absolute fierce and brutal attacks, all of which capable of piercing Grandis's armored hide and injuring him, something not a single character has ever been able to accomplish, nor will anybody else be able to ever again after this battle. With many devastating attacks from Kagugora, Grandis didn't think he'd be enough in slaying Kagugora, but ultimately knew he was the only one capable of surviving at ground zero of this chaotic entity. With one last strike at Kagugora's gemstone, it shattered like glass as Kagugora lost all of it's power and went out with a massive explosion that took out most of everything within a multiverse's range, but when the lights from it faded, Grandis was mostly intact but heavily injured, and Dragora was degenerated back into the very gemstone he was born from, meaning that Dragora more than likely still has access to this power, and once his body is restored, may somehow try and utilize this nigh-invincible gift yet again at some point...

Dogma's Damnation

Sometime after Kagugora became to be, Grandis felt untrustworthy of Dragora to say the least. Every passing day, he felt like something was bound to happen sooner or later to all of them if Dragora suddenly snapped like that again.

Soon enough, something did happen... but it wasn't Dragora or anything related to him.

In the battle of existence 12 trillion years ago, an ancient, primordial being known as Dogma clashed with Kagubot and destroyed him, thus causing Kagubot to reincarnate into Dragora. Now that both entities are effectively fused, it was only a matter of time until Dogma decided to return. When Dogma returned, all of the Ultimorian Deities that were showed ANY affiliation with Evil were soon to be destroyed by Dogma, something Grandis did not want to bother dealing with at the moment.

With a Grandis lunging at Dogma with extreme force, it was mere seconds before Dogma's chest cannon vaporized Grandis entirely into stardust fragments. When Dragora swarmed the guy as Kagugora, enveloping his massive wingspan against him, he too was vaporized with mere close range attack by Dogma's incredible power. Ultima, the only Ultimorian Deity left alive this point who could actually do anything to Dogma, tried to utilize a mind control attack on Dogma to delay the inevitable, but even Ultima, the Creator of Ultimoria itself, did not stand a chance against Dogma.

In the aftermath, every other Ultimorian being in existence was outright destroyed, and once they were gone, Dogma unleashed a massive wave of energy across all of existence to rid the realm of Ultimoria's wrongdoings, as literally everything Grandis had done up until this point had effectively been rendered moot.

At the dawn of the new beginning, Dragora and Grandis were the first of the old lifeforms to be reincarnated, into pod-like structures resembling eggs, as Dogma left Grandis's pod alone, and instead focused on sealing away Dragora's pod, and as Dogma was finished and went back into deep slumber, eventually the other Ultimorians would reincarnate and reform into either neutral or benevolent entities under the rulership of a benevolent Grandis.

Kagubot Rising

In a future arc of Bomberman Classic, Grandis details what he had to do behind the scenes when the previous chapter had all of reality going all hectic for the Bomberman characters, Mirror M, and Centauri. At the end of the same chapter, Grandis arrives back at Shiramu Inc. in pieces, and is undergoing extreme treatment measures. It turns out that not only did Dragora escape from his many seals, but that Dragora attempted to yet again head towards the forbidden nebula, and once again transform into Kagugora in the Neo Canon to revert things back to what they were prior to Dogma's arrival 7 trillion years prior. However, he was just barely put to a stop by a lone Grandis, but at the cost of a heavily wounded leader of Shiramu Inc., and the fact Kagubot lives once more...