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Dr. Devoniak Jenova
Dr. Devoniak
Alias Dr. Jenova
Origin Unknown
Occupation Maddened Scientist
Leader of the Insanity Cult
Status Deceased...?
Skills Various heavy artillery weaponry and hi-tech gadgets.
Having enough strength to take on whatever opponent stands in his way.
Vast intelligence.
Sheer tenacity and hatred powering his ability to stay alive even at impossible odds.
Technically immortal due to his involvement with a temporal loop.
Hobby Making people suffer and mentally break apart piece by piece.
Goals To corrupt all of the sane into the insane.
''It's always the same, isn't it, Ghost Raptor...?''
~ Dr. Devoniak.

Dr. Devoniak was once a humble scientist who researched Cryptids, and looked into the mysterious animal at then only known as "Cryptid X", which is later known to be Xilatealeon. His findings, despite how good they were claimed to be, was denied by the scientific community as false. Ever since, Dr. Devoniak had slowly began to slip into sadness and anger at the fact his fame and fortune was effectively stolen from him, and he decides to take his rage on the Sacred Beasts of Ultimoria by kidnapping all 9 of them, draining them of their lifeforce to force Xilatealeon to appear. His fate, though, changes with every Era. However, each time this story happened with every new era, Dr. Devoniak managed to survive punishment at the cost of his physical body being destroyed even further than it originally was. As of the Neo Canon of Ultimoria, Dr. Devoniak's body had deteriorated into one could not even classify him as a human anymore. The renowned Cryptid scientist of Dr. Jenova being long gone, this new, Dr. Devoniak desires only to spread the plague of his own madness onto others so that everyone who scorns him will suffer the same mental problems that he had suffered. Dr. Devoniak is known among the Ultimorians as being a heavily despised villain because of how powerful he is in addition to the fact he's difficult to truly get rid of. Not only that, but his actions are perhaps THE most cruelest of any Ultimorian Villain, to the point that Zenith, who is supposed to be the High King of Evil, actually does NOT approve of his actions, which really speaks volumes given Zenith's own title...


Dr. Devoniak once looked like an ordinary, aged human minus his devilish hairstyle, which has only became frenzied in look along with whatever remains of Dr. Devoniak's organics. Not only that, but Dr. Devoniak's physical health had rapidly deteriorated because of his obsession with robotic implants, to the point that almost his entire body is robotic as of the Neo Canon. His original name was more worthy of somebody more comedic and more clean in appearance, but Dr. Devoniak makes his version of evil known by how repulsive of a being he both looks and acts, to the point calling him a human like he originally was is an insult to humanity as a whole. Truly, Dr. Devoniak has become a monstrous being indeed...


Formerly a comedic type of villain who was prone to constant failure and mockery, Dr. Jenova still had moments where he proved himself to be a legitimate threat if he ever got the chance. However, as the years went on, his methods become so brutal and cruel in nature that he no longer deserved to be called by his own name, to where the now insane, omnicidal doctor now refers to himself as "Dr. Devoniak", as his attitude, motivations, goals, and means of carrying out crimes against nature and humanity became incredibly vile and twisted to where Dr. Devoniak had gone entirely mad, to the point he's willing to drive happy families such as Plio's into the state of ruin if it so means to spite one of his enemies. His ultimate desire seems to be to drive everybody into absolute insanity so that he can work out his even bigger plans in peace and unopposed.

His torture of William and Brenda Kenson had left their son, Plio Kenson, mentally scarred from not such how young he began fighting crime with, but also from how Dr. Devoniak came the closest any villain had ever gotten to completely breaking Plio mentally, and is rivaled only by Madness in that regard. Even Omnicron failed to break Plio that much, mainly due to how triumph things quickly turned in Omnicron's wake so that the tides were turned against Omnicron very quickly. Dr. Devoniak, meanwhile, breaks his victims in a different manner to Madness; where Madness relies on mostly verbal talking and (potential) demonic possession, Dr. Devoniak doesn't waste time and simply goes right to brainwashing people to act hostile or nasty in nature to where Plio's suffering was an easy side effect of the fact his two chosen victims at the time were solely Plio's parents, but Dr. Devoniak did already have plans to brainwash Plio; he just deemed it redundant because of the domino effect the brainwashing of his own parents would have instead.

In regards to nearly succeeding in killing Plio, he was avoiding being fully dragged into the Infernal Void for as long as anybody ever could for one final, defiant stand against his enemy, to where he decided the only way to possibly break Plio even further was to flat out murder him. Truly, a vile villain in a more or less lighthearted series for heavy contrast. He is also noted as an extremely fearless villain in particular, mainly because for how long he's been around, not even some of the younger Deities can actually scare him since he's seen and dealt with far, far worse, and his ease in which he makes Balaur Macbeth into a handicapped Draconid by ripping her jaws off and replacing them with cybernetic implants really showcases how powerful he can truly be; Balaur's species as a whole were designed by Chimera to be superior to the Terranadrosus.

A fun fact worth mentioning is that Dr. Devoniak has access to minions that are under his control, all of which are former heroes or were originally children stolen from birth that were tormented beyond belief into monstrous destroyers to be his eternal slaves for his own personal army of the insane, as part of his desire to make everybody around the universe just as insane as he is. His credentials a villain are seriously underestimated a lot because many fail to realize that he is the reason Rose is the violent bitch she is, and the fact that Devoniac has developed his armor to be completely invulnerable to Terranadrosus attacks just for the corruption of Rose in particular, who he also displays a rather sick lust over, to where Psycho Lover is overtly afraid of actually intervening because both he and Devoniac knows that if he does intervene, he could very easily become just another broken slave of Devoniac. It isn't until Devoniac has everything against him that Psycho Lover pulls the strings so that all of the most powerful, non-controlled fighters in range all swarm Devoniac at once until one of them opens an Infernal Gate directly into the Infernal Void as to permanently banish Devoniak to.

Devoniac, because of the amount of fear he raises among the Ultimorian natives as a whole, is described as a man that can simply not be reasoned with because of how far off the deep end he already is by this point, and his insistence there is absolutely no turning back, as he's already given up on even being remotely friendly to anybody after he had learned from his past incarnations's frequent mistake of doing so. It is also worth noting that it is more common to have simply heard about Devoniac than to also actually meet him in person to know what he's truly like, which frequently leads to the fatal mistake mentioned above; underestimating him as all bark and no bite and thus not being prepared for how incredibly strong Devoniac actually is in comparison to what they had thought he was before.


Early History

Dr. Devoniac was once known as a man called "Dietrich Jenova", and once was a renowned researcher who had proven the existence of numerous cryptids in his life. When he finds evidence and videos of the mythological Xiltealeon, at the time known only under the codename of "Cryptid X", he presents his findings to the scientific community, only to receive laughing from them in an endless amount, to the point Dietrich's yells for them to shut up merely intensified the laughing from them. What happened next, he barely remembered. All he could recall from that afternoon was developing the same exact, uncanny laughing fit of the scientists he was formerly friends with, and then he began work on his scheme to summon forth Xilateleon and enslave it as a weapon to destroy his former friends to see "whose laughing now?"

In several eras, this plan would be repeated, but each attempt, while successfully summoning Xilatealeon, was thwarted because a Deity Category Ultimorian decided to interfere with his schemes and have him "vanish".

The Original Story

Dr. Devoniak serves as the main antagonist of a story that repeats once an era due to a time loop that, as of The Blue Tri, no longer occurs anymore... or, at least that's what people currently think. Even with Dr. Devoniak seemingly dead for good, the events of Endgame allow for the possibility of the story to repeat itself yet again if the era changes after the Neo Canon passes.

The story involves Dr. Devoniak capturing 9 of 10 "Sacred Beasts", which results in the 10th Beast, Xilatealeon, being summoned because of Dr. Devoniak's torture of the other 9. Each way in which Dr. Devoniak is killed off for his crimes is different depending on the Era, and every time the story repeats, Dr. Devoniak is only in an even worse condition than he was the last time he was seen. It is also noted that Dr. Devoniak's powers seem to constantly change with each era as well; in this Era, he has the strength to fight gigantic sized beings with minimal effort in addition to whatever powers he gains via his "default implants".

During his debut Era, he went under the name "Dr. Jenova", but in a similar vein to Eggman, he admits that "nobody calls him that anymore", but compared to Eggman, this is more due to the fact Dr. Jenova and Dr. Devoniak are practically two entirely different people to the point Dr. Devoniak's current name was because he became far too monstrous to be called by his old name anymore.

The Blue Tri

Behind The Scene Cameos

Dr. Devoniak is implied to be present during the entire torture of Brenda Kenson and oversaw all of the harsh, nasty experiments on her from infanthood to adulthood. He escaped because he allowed for Dragora Galaxia to interfere and give her a means to escape just to see what kind of powers she'd end up with as to later further his experiments. He also played a HEAVY hand in emotionally breaking and traumatizing Rose to the point he is the very reason her split personality exists in such a heavily shattered state to begin with. Even further, he is also one of the candidates as to why Lucas Kenson, the brother of William Kenson, had vanished so many years ago and was later discovered that the Lucas Kenson currently known is a robot doppelganger under the programming of Dr. Devoniak as a means of staying alive even if he were to get dragged into the Infernal Void, and this android plays a heavy role in reviving Dr. Devoniak from the Infernal Void even after it's cover is blown.

In regards to Balaur Macbeth, Devoniac had left her to overly hostile, mindless "goons" to prove to Balaur why Devoniac is the only one in charge around his own facility. When Balaur tries to attack, she is horrified to learn that behind the mask of a fallen goon is the face of a mentally broken hero, and this prompts Devoniac to ambush her and sedate her into submission, grabbing her with his giant hand by the neck as he demands her to cause havoc in every incarnation of Earth she comes across, or lest she would suffer his wrath the next time she tries to disobey. When Balaur tries to escape, she does indeed face his wrath, and has her jaws ripped off as punishment with Devoniac replacing them with a robotic head with Anomalocaris-like extensions for her methods of continuing to have any form of jaws. Balaur was never the same again, as when she first revealed her human form before somebody she knew she could trust, her face was heavily broken into pieces and robotic in look because of what Devoniac had done to her in order to subdue her into his command.

Lucas Kenson, the REAL Lucas Kenson, was stuck in cyberspace to deal with Omnicron's constant threats, and trapped into the body of a Dinoid, the one type of species he absolutely hates, and this left Lucas Kenson at the mercy of Devoniac at any possible time, as Devoniac had trapped him as a virtual program which only he, at the time, knew how to unlock, and he could also, very easily, just delete him in an instant. With two beings constantly threatening his life, Lucas Kenson was quickly subdued and broken heavily by Devoniac to the point his own coping mechanism was to believe he had always been a computer program Dinoid his entire life rather than the human he once was. His discovery in Season 3 and subsequent rescue by Plio makes his recovery all more tragic since he no longer knows how to even live in society anymore due to how he coped with the pressure from Devoniac and Omnicron.

He also had a hand in, as mentioned above, breaking and enslaving numerous heroes to work only under his command or face his wrath, and even succeeded in temporarily controlling a real Xilatealeon sometime between Chapter 16 and 18 in The Blue Tri, finally accomplishing his lifelong goals, only this time he uses Xilatealeon as a "friendly" reminder as to who the hell anybody would be messing with if they ever got in his way.

Chapter 15

This chapter is a retelling of Dr. Devoniak's gathering of the 9 Sacred Beasts to summon forth Xilatealeon and cause a rampage across the entire planet, but this time, his plan fails and he instead summons a mutation of Xilatealeon called "Biohazard X". After a lengthy battle between Biohazard X and X, the oldest known living Xilatealeon, Biohazard X is destroyed, and Dr. Devoniak escapes unseen.

In a scene early in the chapter, he also sets into motion his later scheme of corrupting Plio's innocent mind by first corrupting the minds of William and Brenda to the point they slowly begin to get into arguments that begin to severely upset Plio as he tries to figure out why they're acting in such a way, to the point Plio doesn't take long to figure out that his parents are being brainwashed by somebody. However, because he barely knows who Dr. Devoniak is, he can't yet place the blame on him yet.

Chapters 19-21

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Dr. Devoniak, due to the fact the recent time paradox retelling of his original debut story had failed to proceed as planned, is still alive where he would normally be dead for the remainder of the Era, as Dr. Devoniak now decides that he's tired of being stuck in a time loop that occurs once an era, and immediately seeks interest in isolating Plio and KeraBeast from William and Brenda, so that Dr. Devoniak can forcefully take KeraBeast's powers away, and compared to most of the major Big Bads, he leads the charge into the household completely on his own. As he leaves, however, he leaves his lab unguarded, but he already knows this; he believes the destruction of his lab will erase the time loop effect he's suffering from.

As William and Brenda notice their problems are being caused by Dr. Devoniak, they had eagerly awaited for his lab to be unguarded as to destroy it and leave Dr. Devoniak with nowhere to run or hide anymore, since because of him, they had unwittingly played a heavy role in leaving their own son traumatized and scared. When they leave, they attract the attention of the Elder Dementia, who manifests into physical form near the Kenson household and eats their negative emotions for extra power as he begins to take Dr. Devoniak's attention away from Plio because of the fact that Dr. Devoniak is now intrigued by how Dementia just decided to thwart his own plans, as he soon realizes Plio was not yet broken enough despite being reduced to a heavily crying fit already, and begins to attack Dementia with a flurry of laser pellets.

When William and Brenda sack Devoniak's lab as GuruMaster and UrsaMaster, Saideus's attention is brought to the fold, and Saideus begins to suspect Blades was located near there, and is still alive, and heads out with his flagship into low orbit to trace the signal. During Devoniak and Dementia's fight, they are both abducted onto Saideus's flagship by a powerful tractor beam. On board the ship, any attempts Saideus had at negotiating an alliance was dropped when Devoniak openly attacked Saideus, as did Dementia. As such, a three way brawl began between the three of them, and the results leave Dementia and Saideus KO'd and with Devoniak in control of the flagship.

In the climax of the three parter, Plio, in a state of despair, hears Devoniak's transmission he's giving to the citizens of Earth, and goes mad and activates his powers as KeraMaster and charges to Devoniak's location, all the while Guruson and Ursason try to stop him without much hope. KeraMaster, however, is soon brought aboard the flagship via the tractor beam, as KeraMaster immediately stampedes through the facility right towards the command room to ram a waiting Devoniak into the wall. Devoniak, pleased in how much anger and frustration, wonders if Plio is even sane anymore, and that if he is truly insane, he should kill him. Plio, hesitating, gives Dr. Devoniak enough time to begin his counterattack against KeraMaster, and knocks the gigantic mecha down to the ground.

When Saideus wakes up, he arrives charging into the scene just as KeraMaster is KO'd, and grapples with Dr. Devoniak just long enough to allow KeraMaster to re-enter the fight, as Dr. Devoniak begins to take much heavier damage than he usually takes, to the point of it being permanent as he begins spouting robotic error codes in a state of true insanity. As KeraMaster and Saideus throw Dr. Devoniak through a window with great force, Dr. Devoniak moves to get up, as Dementia finally comes to and grasps at what little remains of Dr. Devoniak, and decides to activate a portal with the flagship's systems and wastes not a single moment in tossing Dr. Devoniak into the Infernal Void, before Dementia disappears and Dr. Devoniak is now just another sacrifice to Zenith.

In the end, KeraMaster and Saideus acknowledge each other as true rivals, but decide to declare a truce as KeraMaster is safely dropped back off at home. On his way back to safe arms, Dr. Devoniak manages to partly manifest from the Infernal Void for one final attempt to get revenge, and zaps Plio with a blast of acid, as Plio falls unconscious, near dead as William and Brenda rush to his side, as Dr. Devoniak just laughs maniacally, as he is dragged into the Infernal Void by the force of many, intensifying demonic hands, and is once and for all dead at long last.


Dr. Devoniak is, unfortunately, freed from the Infernal Void upon Zenith's death thanks to the Lucas android's combined efforts alongside it. However, it is clear that Dr. Devoniak is suffering a sickness even worse than what he had when he was last scene, meaning his revival is going to be very short lived. To make matters worse for him, Dr. Devoniak, feeling incredibly weak, is greeted with the ghost of Sophia, Zenith's recently deceased wife, as Sophia explains to Dr. Devoniak that the only reason he was able to survive for trillions of years to begin with was all due to the fact Zenith's control over evil allowed Dr. Devoniak to stay alive whether Zenith liked it or not. To make matters worse, with Zaalim no more, the time loop that also helped in keeping Devoniak alive for so long is permanently gone. Upon the revelation that he is no longer immortal, Dr. Devoniak tries to drain Sophia's soul to keep himself alive, but only results in Dr. Devoniak short circuiting as he reaches for her, and then crumbling to dust and imploding in the same fashion as Zenith and Zaalim.

Design Notes

Not a single other antagonist in The Blue Tri gets anywhere near as twisted, insane, and overall dark as Dr. Devoniak in terms of role or how he's killed off; he gives out the most brutal breaking of the main protagonist, Plio, to the point his actions lead to him developing PTSD because of how he had royally screwed up his family to the point Plio's trauma from when he was younger awakened, and he needed comfort for several months on end because Plio was constantly feeling miserable, an arc which repeats onscreen in Season 3. His death is also the most gory of any antagonist, as visible blood and mucus appears from his body as it gets torn apart by a team up between KeraMaster and Saideus, and then finally dragged to hell thanks to Dementia's ability to open Infernal Void gates if he so desired. Not only that, but Dr. Devoniak survives just like enough to severely wound Plio before he is dragged fully into the Infernal Void as he lets loose a chilling shriek in a state of absolute madness. Several other villains, including the High King of Evil himself, heavily disprove of Devoniak's actions as, while Zenith does appreciate how insanely evil Devoniak is willing to be, Zenith DID NOT like how Devoniak was basically causing damages to hero and villain alike, and thus Devoniak is viewed as an enemy to everything that so much as moves.

Dr. Devoniak, due to the introduction of Nidhogg, can be seen as a parallel to Drago Bloodfist of How To Train Your Dragon 2. Nidhogg, and his "parent" Jormungandr, from whom Nidhogg was cloned from, are likewise seen as parallels to both of the Bewilderbeast Dragons in the same film. Nidhogg, alongside Dr. Devoniak's own "training" (and also Zenith's influence), turned into a much more monstrous, mentally broken creature that had been abused into loyalty, and thus does not act on it's own accord due to fear that it's master(s) would be angered by it's own act. Jormungandr, meanwhile, possesses an idle attitude no different from the "Snowy" Bewilderbeast in that it did not mind younglings going near it, and was at perfect peace and contentment when idle. Nidhogg, meanwhile, is located in his den similar to Drago's Bewilderbeast (the "Muddy" Bewilderbeast); it was being forcefully submerged in toxic waters (poisoned by Nidhogg's own attempts to breathe), and very rarely is allowed to surface on it's own accord, as various structures are place around it to keep it from doing something against Zenith, or Devoniak's, own commands.

To further parallel Dr. Devoniak with Drago Bloodfist, they both have a very similar introduction scene in their respective debuts. Drago is seen using his dragon-hide cape to block fire breath, and then yell and wave a spear at said Dragon into submission until it's scared into loyalty. Dr. Devoniak does a similar tactic against Balaur Macbeth, but because Devoniak's debut was in a more "higher rated" story, Devoniak's introduction was much more gory and bloody as a result; like Drago, he showcases his ability to nullify Balaur's electrobreath, and then proceeds to completely tear her jaws off to where Balaur is forcefully kept alive while Devoniak completely rebuilds her head into what it looks like today. As a result, Balaur's loyalty to Devoniak is not just from fear, but from the fact that Devoniak will gleefully injure his servants severely and force them into obedience by making sure they live and receive robotic implants to make up for the wounds, and to further torture them. In short, Dr. Devoniak is basically a higher grade technology counterpart to Drago Bloodfist, but at the same time, though, they do not share the same type of goal as the other.


  • He ties with Old Era Grandis for being the among the only human Ultimorian related villains who are considred Complete Monsters, but yet again, Devoniak is considered an even worse villain to simply keep alive if he is ever allowed to overstay his welcome, and it was quickly learned that had Devoniak not been stopped aboard Saideus's flagship, that he would've effectively reignited the Malevolent Era's curse, which thankfully failed to get anywhere at all because Dementia absorbed and ate it until nothing remain.
  • The reason why Dr. Jenova is no longer his name is because, when he was originally referred to as such, he was a comedic villain who constantly failed and was a funner personality as a whole. Here, as Dr. Devoniak, he is depicted as such an incredibly vile, imposing, sadistic villain who masterfully schemes his own schemes accordingly, to the point of having a huge negative influence on his targets to where they can easily become terrified and broken by his own schemes to break people's minds before killing them. Due to his newfound sadistic, Satanist nature, he was viewed as an entirely different character from his past counterpart to the point he got a new name to consider him a separate, yet still somewhat related, character to his older incarnations.

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