Bullying Gone Wrong Superhero Edition13:23

Bullying Gone Wrong Superhero Edition

Denzel Is the main antagonist from a movie school project called Bullying Gone Wrong: Superhero Edition.

He's the most dangerous student at the school, all students and teachers are effraid of him and his father, because Denzel is the son of the most dangerous criminal who own the entire school even the direction are scared of them. Like his father he's a drug dealer, a boy named Giovanni see him selling drugs and Denzel menacing him the school will do nothing, so Giovanni who is the only one to stand up to him tell him he's an eye witness, that make Denzel angry and knock Giovanni down. he menacing Uzma and her friend to not tell anyone, or they will do the same thing to them, and leave after see the two girls were also scare and make sure they don't tell anyone and left Giovanni to died. But Uzma was still fighting for the truth, but her teacher told her to let this go, because Denzel is so evil and dangerous like his father nothing can stop him. But Uzma didn't fight back, she finally convince everyone to stand up against bullying, and the teacher finally call the direction who expelled Denzel from school but he will return if he change his attitude, An Angry Denzel walk to the door when he see Giovanni ghost forgiving him, because now Denzel was feeling with remorse and redeemed himself.

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