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Wade Winston Wilson, better known as Deadpool, is the secondary antagonist, later supporting protagonist of the Garry's Mod film Tails & Friends 2: Revolution Era. He will be voiced by YouTube actor SuperFrank225.


Tails & Friends (2015)

He was first introduced to the Tails & Friends franchise during the end of the first film, when Scrapeye said he would take his plan of killing Tails and his friends to the next level by pushing a button that looks like deadpool's belt center and Deadpool awakens in his laboratory frozen state.

Tails & Friends 2: Revolution Era

In the sequel, he starts out as the secondary antagonist by spying on Tails and his friends at his new home (after the events of the first film), and busts in introducing himself. Tails gets frightened and Norton comes in to save him. So, since Deadpool is an Anti-Hero, Deadpool explains his origins starting with a tumor. Norton is confused but Deadpool punches him in the face and flees out, making Tails angry. In the climax of the sequel, Sicarius prepares to kill Tails but Deadpool saves Tails' life by slicing his head off with one of his Katanas. He says goodbye to Tails and his friends, and runs off searching for a new adventure to have.