Deadpool (Character What)0001

Deadpool is one of the major villains/anti-heroes in the Character What franchise, Deadpool is a super mercenary and is part of the The Forces of Evil. Deadpool is a anti-hero from the Marvel universe, And the Main Protagonist of the 2016 Comedy film Deadpool.

Character What: Hero Force

In Who's the Stronger, Deadpool was one of contestants who competed in the Strength Competition.

Character What:

In Dangerous Mission, Deadpool attempt to attack Shadow Joe after him defeat Darth Maul and Darth Vader.

Character What: Ultimate Hero

In Villain Team, Shadow Aaron put Deadpool with a second group of villains (Terminator, Queen Grimhilde, Freddy Krueger, Discord, and Cruella De Vil) to destroy Shadow Aaron and tell them not to let him down and Shadow Aaron then teleported. Deadpool and the villains who were with him have a challenge with the Mace Six, Deadpool lost the speed challenge against Rainbow Dash.

Powers and Abilities

  • Enhanced Physiology:
  • Regenerative Healing Factor:
  • Foreign Chemical Resistance:
  • Disease Immunity:
  • Psychic Shield:
  • Possession Resistance:
  • Peak Human Strength:
  • Superhuman Agility:
  • Superhuman Dexterity:
  • Superhuman Stamina:
  • Superhuman Reflexes:
  • Superhuman Speed:
  • Enhanced Combat:
  • Enhanced Gunmanship:
  • Enhanced Markmanship:
  • Martial Arts:
  • Unpredictability:
  • 4th Wall Awareness:
  • Immortality:


  • Shadow Aaron seen to be unaware that Deadpool paid time with Pinkie Pie, If Shadow Aaron found out he will never let Deadpool paid time with Pinkie Pie ever again.

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