Dash Tarlene Lucia, is a recurring character in a Grand Theft Auto FAN series.

Dash's has had a very traumatic life. Her mother (Tarlene Lucia) was mysteriously murdered when Dash was just a baby. And she was left to be raised by her father (John Lucia). Who tried on various occasions to actually rape her. And she and her sister Sally ran away, and lived with each other, till the day Dash's sister was killed in a shooting, leaving Dash with nothing to lose. (but in SOME versions, Sally is still alive).

Eventually, after being spared by Patrick "Packie" McReary (who would later see her as another sister), she met his younger sister Kate, and eventually befriended her. Witch lead to her meeting the rest of the McReary's, who became her new family, and before long she became part of the McReary crime organization (despite not even being Irish), due to skill with a gun, fast reflexes in battle, ability's to stay rational when most other's don't, and sarcastic sense of humor.

But however, despite being arguably one of the nicest characters, she can also be considered a villain. Her horrible childhood isn't without it's mental scars to her, she hates being flirted with, and was left with a permanent distrust towards men. Biggest example is towards Johnny. As she judged him sorely on his appearance, before realizing how nice he actually is, and now a days, they are very close friends. It also took her a long time to trust Niko (and even Packie).

What also brings out her villain side, is how she's also gained much of Packie's love of fighting, and can actually be very cruel and merciless if the situation calls for it.

But this isn't ALWAYS the case. She refused to kill Tom McKenny, despite the fact he was solely responsible for Sally's death, and betrayed almost EVERY one he knows.

Similarly. She refused to kill Trevor when she easily could of, despite that he betrayed her and tried to have her killed, and even mocked the most fragile moments of her life.

Packie describes her as "A good ally.. Likes a good fight.. And doesn't take shit from NO-ONE... Come to think of it.. She reminds me of myself"..


Despite that she responds to most situations with sarcasm and wise cracks. Dash rarely shows her emotions, often bottling it all inside. But when she dose finally lose her temper, she shows the second side of her two personalities often losing control of herself, and becoming much more violent, and can actually be very cruel and merciless, especially to those that betrayed her.

But despite this. Dash is very rare to swear. Most times, when she dose, it gives somewhat of shock value.

Dash is considered one of the most insecure, anti social characters. As it's very hard to get her to open up and consider people her friends. And due to her daddy issues, she finds it often VERY hard to trust men. (least till she met Packie, and later Niko).

But despite all this, Dash is arguably one of the nicest characters. And your much more likely to be spared by Dash, than you are by Niko or Packie.

For example, she refused to kill Tom McKenny, despite the fact he quite literary ruined most of her adult life.

Relationships with Characters:


Packie truly loves Dash as a sister. And is very protective of her (maybe TOO protective).. He will become easily angered by anyone insulting her. And will always keep her close when in a gun fight..


Became her new father figure..


Became her new sister figure..


Also became like a sister


Mother figure..


Good friend. Though he hints to be attracted to her in rather "perverted" ways..


Became her new, and possibly FIRST, boyfriend. He is very protective of her, knowing the hell she's been though for most of her life..


They are never seen interacting, but it's mentioned that Mallorie "adores" Dash. And welcomes her in the family..


Is like a big brother to her, not too different than Packie..



GTA IV: 25

GTA V: 29

Height:  5 feet

Look: Attractive but tries to hide this, and has a tattoo of her sisters name on her back neck, and shooting star tattoos on her arms. And she usually wears a Metallica t-shirt.

Hair:  Dark brunette:

Eyes: Mix of dark red and violet.

Likes:  Her friendship with Packie, Franklyn, Michael, Roman, Mallory, Gerry and Kate, Relationship with Niko, shotguns, the band Metallica.

Dislikes: Swearing too much, Trevor (sometimes), being flirted with.


  • Dash is known as one of the LEAST foul mouthed characters for GTA..
  • Packie's over protectiveness is a slight reference to Trevor's over protectiveness of another OC character, Carly Jade.. Michael's second daughter (not real character in the game).
  • She is currently dating Niko.

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