Dark Kat (Feral)

When Chance and Jake were in the Enforcers in an alternate dimension, Feral ended up crashing into City Hall where he got fired by Mayor Manx and the city council for destroying property. Feral was forced to work in a military salvage yard while Chance became the new commander and Jake became his right hand man. Feral tried to adapt to his new life only to be bullied by Burke and Murray. Feral grew to hate Manx, Callie, Chance, and Jake since being an enforcer was all he had left since he gave up being a drummer. Feral went looking for Dark Kat since he was planning to capture him in an attempt to regain his former position. However, Feral was emotionally unstable and ended up killing Dark Kat. Feral sent Dark Kat's head to Mayor Manx who was horrified at this and ordered the Enforcers to go look for Feral. Feral, seeing there was nothing left in his life, became the second Dark Kat after killing Burke and Murray. Feral took over Dark Kat's operations and plans to reduce Mega Kat City to rubble so he can build a new city where crime is the law of the land.

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