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Darigus "Summerdust" Dreadnoughtus
Darigus, the Eternally Damned.
Alias Prince of the Infernal Void
Origin Unknown
Occupation Recurring Main Antagonist/Recurring "Supporting" Character
Status Undead (Immortal)
Skills Incredibly difficult to spot during the day due to the fact he hides in shadows at any location from where he can maintain direct view with his target
Nauseating to even look at when his body is not covered in shadow
Hellfire Bomb, which hits every possible tile in a stage if it can break through a given block, and leaves a 1 tile explosion directly away from where the more potent blast is
"Soul Grab", the secret art that he inherits from his father, but not as reliable as how his father uses it
"Red Mist", a secret art exclusive to Darigus that can corrupt mortals and beings who come into contact with it by having Darigus simply breathe the hazy substance onto them
Hobby  ???
Goals To bring about living hell in the physical dimension
''... You're not the one. Now get out!''
~ Darigus.

Darigus is never played for laughs. Not even remotely close to it. Years ago, Darigus was mocked for not being powerful enough to even stand a chance against the Ultimorian Deities, but in Neo Ultimoria, proves himself as having become powerful enough to be placed on the Black List, as he immediately kills a clone of Dogma by devouring the creature alive when it was still immature, and evolved into his own perfect form as a result of the power he absorbed from it. Ever since, Grandis, alongside the other legion of Ultimorian Deities in existence, imprisoned Darigus within a location called "The Infernal Void", from which Darigus will emerge from and devour just about anybody else who gets sealed within this eldritch location.

Although originally considered a Complete Monster, due to many, MANY misunderstandings which had been exploited, that title now solely belongs to his own father; Zenith.


Darigus Imperfect

Imperfect Darigus, also used for Spectral Forms that aren't his true form.

Darigus is a demon from an unknown location in the places of existence, believed to be from the same exact location from which Darigus is currently sealed away within. In this area, he appears as a Lindwyrm mutation with a massive maul capable of devouring even the souls and bodies of immortal beings, and absorbing their powers as a result. When summoned from the Void itself, Darigus's head in this form can incredibly vary in size, just to ensure whatever prey Darigus is summoned to attack suffers the same fate as the short lived clone of Dogma.

In Perfect Form, Darigus is a demonic humanoid with a purple gemstone on his forehead, and a stitched up torso with wings resembling those of Giratina. Darigus's head is apparently capable of splitting open to reform into his jaws as his imperfect form, with his claws as sharp as his own teeth. In this form, he's also capable of flight in this form. If killed in this form, he has 60 seconds in which he can emerged as a wraith in which he can immediately kill whoever landed the final blow on his perfect form and drag their souls down into their infernal void along with him, all the while he devours the would be hero's soul and regenerates back into his Imperfect Form, where the cycle repeats anew.

However, if a soul proved powerful enough to actually combat Darigus's imperfect form after being dragged into the Infernal Void, they could potentially manage to escape from the Infernal Void if they can survive the intense chase Darigus will go through to ensure the soul is devoured. If the soul does escape the Infernal Void, Darigus will immediately halt his pursuit and not even bother entering the realm of existence, even if the fact stands that the soul would either need to revive it's old body, or regenerate a brand new one based off of it's old body somehow to not be truly alive again.


Darigus is extremely unfettered in his goals, in that he is persistent about only a single goal at a time, and never strays off of a specific path at any given time until that goal is accomplished. In the Infernal Void, he spends his time there as a demon summon capable of being invoked upon victims of other multiverses in which he will devour the souls of whoever enters biting range of his demonic figure. In this state, he can easily be compared to an outright malevolent, but intelligent, variation of the demon Gommorah from the Bayonetta series. Darigus, similar to his counterpart, can be very sadistic with how he kills his victims before devouring them, such as repeatedly smashing their skulls against a solid surface from which he's summoned from, invoking a force so great it can shatter level entire landscapes like a planetary collision.

In Perfect Form, he's only generally concerned with killing the Ultimorian Deities, and will do whatever it takes to finally kill them and consume their souls. However, his REAL ultimate goal is to devour all of existence and then recreate it as his own living hell for all worlds that are devoured by him in the process. However, it is clear later on that Darigus appears to be exaggerating what his actual goals are, as Darigus, despite being evil incarnate, has standards in that he doesn't want his source of sanity to become destroyed by his own goals despite what he ultimately wants to do with everything around him. It is also clear that Darigus cares a lot about his mother, but absolutely LOATHES Zenith, since Zenith had set so many high standards for Darigus to follow through that Darigus is constantly in pain as a result of what self-inflicted torture he gave himself just to follow in his own father's footsteps.


As fully elaborated on in the Mega Man Star Force X The Blue Tri Crossover Trilogy, Darigus is HEAVILY weak to anything to do with space or the cosmos. His shadow based form is far too terrestrial in nature to survive in spatial environments, yet alone having to survive against spatiokinetic beings. Neo Darigus used this to insult Darigus, stating that Darigus's over reliance on the other heroes showcases he is actually very weak; indeed, Darigus himself outright stated he would be completely incapable of getting in close proximity to Neo Darigus unless the heroes ended up destroying his wings, which emitted a source of spatial light so bright that it burned through Darigus's shadowy form. To note, he was also noticeably standing directly behind things to avoid contact with this very light until the wings were destroyed.


Early History

Darigus, many trillions of years ago, is an ancient evil from a primordial origin that has an extreme difficulty maintaining a physical form for so long, to the point that Darigus's body shattered like glass due to his own insane levels of power, and all that was left was his pitch black soul. Unlike any other soul, however, Darigus's own soul was armed to the teeth with attacks that would render any other soul it's prey, and this form was dubbed Darigus's "Imperfect Form", in which Darigus would devour just about anything that it could grasp onto with it's own jaws and gain even further power as a result.

Six trillion years later, Darigus is summoned by sheer accident by a recurring antagonist in one of the many universes of the Klonoa series, a villain known as Gresho invoking Darigus's presence by sheer error and invoking it just enough to allow Imperfect Darigus to escape from the Infernal Void, and both Gresho and Klonoa were forced to double team Darigus to ensure that the vile demon didn't tip the scale of balance too heavily to the side of evil.

When Darigus's Imperfect Form is slain, Gresho utilizes another summon and invokes the presence of another demon from the Infernal Void to forcefully drag Darigus back into the Infernal Void, and when Darigus attempts his shadow grasp attack on them in one final desperation, Gresho blocks it from killing Klonoa, and both of them are spared from Darigus's wrath. However, they must both now realize that their combined efforts in addition to Darigus's presence tipped the scale of balance itself into absolute chaos, and summons the keeper of balance itself into their world, who then becomes the final antagonist of the story; a deity known as Libra.

SAO: Code Black

While it is true that Omnicron is the main antagonist of the story, Darigus appears as a surprise additional antagonist to the story who is unaffiliated with Omnicron, to the point neither of them ever cross paths within the story. Omnicron is noted for being unable to manifest into the real world... something Darigus has virtually no problem with. When Sugou was just ready to surprise Kazuto in the real world after a villainous breakdown, Darigus begins rapidly pursuing him in response, since prior to this, Kazuto had held up his end of the bargain for Darigus which was to simply stay out of his way, or if he couldn't do that, expose the real target he was after. Kazuto, having defeated Sugou in ALO and forced him to retreat into the real world, exposed Sugou's location to Darigus, and thus Sugou steered clear of Kazuto all the while claiming Sugou's soul by the time the demonic shadow being had caught up with the other villain of the story. What Darigus does next isn't all too clear, but he apparently leaves the multiverse in question once he had finished what he had came here for to begin with; Sugou had apparently stolen a family treasure from Sophia Summerdust, Darigus's mother who the latter holds high respect for.

Bomberman Classic

When Darigus is first seen, he's seen as an obscured shadowy figure who utilizes the punch-clock at Shiramu Inc. when Kurobon arrives to work early, and Darigus, aside from simply glancing at Kurobon with an unimpressed expression, does nothing and simply leaves, with Kurobon being freaked out for the remainder of the arc since he (and everyone else) were never notified of Darigus's presence in Shiramu Inc.. When asked by Kurobon during a break in his shift, Grandis explains that Darigus is an employee of Shiramu Inc., but due to Darigus's vile nature as a Complete Monster, he is antisocial at best because Darigus is trying his damn hardest to avoid ticking off the other Ultimorian Deities, especially due to an incident with Mirror M and Centauri involving the latter getting ill, and the former and Darigus getting into such a huge fight it practically leveled a whole city, and it is even later revealed that Darigus and Mirror M's ancestors are noted for a curse/paradox that causes their current incarnation to have an outright hatred for each other, and are very, VERY prone to a hostile conflict at that.

Darigus later appears in his own arc in which the story of the arc is a Creepypasta of a Super Nintendo Bomberman Game. Notably, this is also the only time Darigus's Hellfire Bomb attack is used to it's true effects, since the top down perspective of the multiplayer Bomberman games are the only way for Darigus's Hellfire Bomb to display effects that would function properly in an actual Bomberman game as a result, even if Hellfire Bomb is a Game Breaker with how it functions. Oddly enough, this same arc is one of the few times Darigus's normal traits are never displayed as often as they normally would, notably Darigus's intense rivalry with Mirror M due to the lack of Mirror M in this story until the very end, but in the In-Character story appearances, Darigus and Mirror M have a completely different reason for their rivalry compared to OOC appearances.

The Blue Tri

Darigus is set to debut in Chapter 26, named "The Infernal Void". A mining excavation of ancient ruins on another planet cause the Dinoids to accidentally break a portal through to the Infernal Void. Darigus escapes from the Infernal Void, but the incident that follows is all because Darigus kept getting distracted from his actual goal; resealing the Infernal Void back up from this world. Darigus, in a change of his normal actions, decides to not go through with killing Plio Kenson when he's reverted to his Shadow Form, if only because William and Brenda Kenson would easily kick his ass if he even attempted or succeeded in pulling it off.

Earlier than this, Darigus has a pet Hellhound that frequently emerges from William's pet dog named Drei, mainly because the two canines accidentally fused with each other partially, which in turn resulted in Drei having an infamous temper towards anybody not William or Darigus. In this particular series, Darigus actually seems to have legit reasons for his actions as a villain, since all he attempted to do in his debut chapter was seal up the Infernal Void once more so that the Infernal Void didn't tear apart the winds of existence as a result.

Chapter 39: Tying Up Loose Ends

Darigus is presented with his ultimate challenge yet in this particular role, and Darigus's life is soon going to change completely. In an odd twist, the entire chapter takes place with Darigus as the lead character, and just how everything has been going into chaos because of his father being nearly murdered by Omnicron, and his own mother dead entirely with her head missing, and Darigus sets out to find it in a fit of rage. In the process, a Demon based off of Omnicron and Darigus's beings emerges known as "Zenith", an Elder who had been hiding until no others like him remained, and now he seeks to spread the Infernal Void onto Earth as his new throne.

Darigus, while chasing after Omnicron, comes under fire from Zenith, who frequently attempts to kill Darigus, and nearly succeeds each repeating time they encounter each other throughout the chapter. Grandis, as his good incarnation this era is known for, arrives to save Darigus from Zenith, as Grandis is ignited into a furious rage upon the revelation of some of the memories Zenith leaks about Grandis, and forces Darigus into a fight against a fully enraged Grandis. Hell brews on Earth as Grandis takes on a full powered Darigus, but the battle quickly proves onesided once Grandis outright obliterates Zenith and KO's Darigus in rapid succession, as Darigus and Grandis soon find themselves face to face with Omnicron in it's 800M form.

Darigus, laughing like mad at the situation of Omnicron simply observing them, yells and curses at Omnicron thinking that Omnicron is attempting to usurp Darigus's throne as the most evil Ultimorian..... only to realize Omnicron's response indicates it did so long before this event, by repeating words that Grandis and Ultima didn't know Omnicron still had in mind.

I T ' S - A L L - J U S T - A - G A M E .
~ Omnicron 800M's voice finally reveals itself directly.

Darigus, soon finding that Omnicron isn't even joking as Omnicron repeats the phrase despite visibly trying to maim and slaughter both Darigus and Grandis with an army of replicas, outright horrifies Darigus as none of Omnicron's dialogue, for as minimal as it was, even remotely hinted at any sign of malice; it's voice sounded far too innocent compared to it's actions, in that the voice was that of an incredibly young child.

When Ultima and the other Ultimorian Deities clear the room of the replicas and force Omnicron into a retreat, Darigus is horrified as to the prospect of what Omnicron's intentions truly were, and wonders just how far off the deep end Omnicron had went when it itself doesn't even realize it's actions are incredibly dangerous to everyone. The rules for the Black List normally require you to openly attack or be directly targeted by the Ultimorian Deities, and the fact Omnicron flat out open fired on all of them who showed up in it's retreat, meant Omnicron had dead zero chances of any kind of redemption. Darigus does NOT take this well.

JUST A GAME?!?! THAT FUCKER REALLY THINKS EVERYTHING IT'S DONE HERE IS ALL JUST A GAME?!?!?! Does he not even realize how screwed over the plans of existence are all because of his actions?!?!?! Omnicron can't possibly be as intelligent as it is, since it's completely blind to all of morality itself!!! It's voice is a mere child, but it's actions are EVEN WORSE than Kagubot!!! Listen well and heed my warning... Omnicron you jackass. Even the past lives of Grandis and Ultima would not have approved of this behavior!!!! They had their reasons for being evil, and yet you go across all of existence spreading chaos like no tomorrow ALL BECAUSE YOU THINK IT'S JUST A GAME?!?!?!?!''
~ Darigus's fit of rage against Omnicron.

This speech, in addition to actions seen earlier from Bomberman Classic, completely end up with Darigus taking action for his injured father and dead mother by raising all of the souls trapped in the Infernal Void up and ready for combat just to prepare for all out war between the Ultimorian Deities and Omnicron, stating that he himself will be joining the Ultimorian Deities because for as evil as he is, he cannot allow something like Omnicron to be evil and act like it's simply a game for him to play as a result.

Chapter 40-41: OMNICRON

Darigus's entire army of Infernal Void Demons swarm an even bigger army of Omnicron 800M units led by multiple Omnicron 900M units, and most of the demons perish since Omnicron has so many weapons to make use of and exploit that Darigus is horrified as to just how powerful Omnicron is for a villain character in this particular era. Darigus, in a fit of fury, swipes two Tarot Cards from Guruson and summons up Dragora and Kagubot, forcing them into a fusion into Kagugora to lay waste to the 900M units, but even Kagugora is not protected against just how overwhelming huge the army of 800M units completely swarm it and destroy both deities. At the end of the Chapter, Darigus is among the many defeated and drained Ultimorian Deities seen as Omnicron 1B, the final form of Omnicron, stands on their stacked up and defeated bodies as it begins it's final effort to destroy all of existence with it's new powers...

Chapter 42: Grand Closure

Darigus, among all the other Ultimorian Deities (Including KeraKing) are all seen delivering their final blows to Omnicron 1B's soul, as Omnicron 1B's physical body is outright destroyed by none other than Dogma. Darigus, in addition to the other Ultimorian Deities, forcefully restrain and drag Omnicron 1B's defeated soul into the Eraser Void, from which no soul placed in their can escape or be revived, to ensure that it is physically impossible for Omnicron to ever return from the dead.

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