World of Warcraft Creepypasta DEADORC07:08

World of Warcraft Creepypasta DEADORC

is the titular antagonist of the obscure creepypasta of the same name - based upon the generic male model of an orc from World of Warcraft this strange entity is the centre of a seemingly supernatural attack against a player who dares to play on a private server.

DEADORC is not very well known but rather infamous for dividing those who have seen it, some finding it a geniune creepypasta and others finding it to be a "Troll Pasta" (a story written for comedy rather than horror).

DEADORC continually chants "No Escape, DEADORC" and seems to take possession of the game, killing many NPC characters before turning the computer off - allowing the player to leave, however this didn't end the attack as the player went down to watch TV only to have DEADORC appear on the TV screen and declare "No Escape".

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