"Now, Now Shard. I'm sure we can work this out!"



Cyrus Meece was the warden of the MegaKat Maximum Prison. Meece started out as a corrupt warden always making sure that the prisoners working for the Katscratch Gang were released from custody without Commander Feral and the Enforcers ever noticing. Meece would accept bribes from Katscratch no matter what since he was always happy to make money. Meece was the one who arranged for Mac and Molly Mange to escape from prison by boat in a rewrite of the Swat Kats episode "The Metallikats"

In "Chaos In The Crystal", Meece instituted a new work program wherein inmates of the prison could shave time off their sentences by digging for diamonds in the nearby mines. Meece hired Dr. Lieter Greenbox to build the Gemkat 6000 in order to speed up gem production, however the device was horribly flawed when convict Rex Shard tried to take the diamonds for himself. The Gemkat 6000 accidentally turned Shard into a crystal maniac and caused him to attack Meece at the Prison. Meece was accidentally knocked over by Greenbox, who was trying to get away from Shard. Meece shattered into hundreds of fragments on the floor because of that and since Shard turned him into crystal with his deadly touch.


-He resembles that Batman character Carmine Falcone, who was a crime lord that appeared in the Christian Bale movies as well as in Batman Year One.

-In a cartoon called Pixie and Dixie and Mr. Jinks, Mr. Jinks would always call Pixie and Dixie meeces instead of mices.