Cruella De Vil

Cruella De Vil is one of the major villains in the Character What franchise, She is also a character from 101 Dalmatians franchise.

Character What: Hero Force

Cruella De Vil makes a cameo in The Return of the Dazzlings.

In Return for Revenge, Cruella De Vil join forces with Shadow Joe and the other villains with him, To seek revenge on Shadow Joe.

In Villainess Meeting, Cruella De Vil was with the some of the other female villains having with Sunset Shimmer, Cruella De Vil also had Maleficent and Ursula as partners.

Character What: Ultimate Hero

In Game Season, Cruella was one of the villain cheerleaders who were cheer for Shadow Aaron and his team.

Cruella De Vil makes a cameo in Breakfast Time.

In Shadow Aaron Most Wanted, Cruella appears in a picture on the most wanted list of villains.

In Who Let's the Dogs Out, Cruella play her role as main antagonist of the episode, Cruella order the villains who were with her to kidnap every dog hero, She also have Shadow Aaron on her side helping her with her plan.

Character What: New Adventures

In Cruella De Vil Returns, Cruella seek revenge on Yojojo who is the Pipling who kill Shadow Aaron, Cruella send Horace and Jasper to kidnap Yojojo and bring him to her.

Powers and Abilities

Cruella De Vil possesses no natural superpowers, but in Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom episode, Cruella De Vil was good with a magic hat.