Commander Morgus is the tertiary antagonist of World of Warcraft during the event Orcs United. He is the head military leader of The New Knights and is on mission to train Hellscream Jr., to be the prince of Sen'jin Village. He also secretly works for Nadabrack, an evil troll who controls lich power.


He at first appeared talking to Nadabrack about training the senators. Nadabrack told him that it will be challenging even for a professional expert like "an orcish brute commander". He then bowed down and promised Nadabrack not to fail, and swore to him he will crown Jarm'lok as the orcish prince, and train him, like he wanted.

Morgus then told the senators about his plans to launch a massive attack on Senjin Village, and conquer The Echo Isles. He stated that Nadabrack wants them to create a plan which will let him rise to power.

He later lead a massive attack on Senjin Village. However, after the defeat of his army, he was imprisoned by The Darkspear Shamans.

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