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Hey David. Too bad there wasn't a girl in here that actually cared for you.
~ Clara showing her true nature towards David
Vanerisa Wright
Alias Clara Barnes, The Voice, Pinkhead
Origin Unknown
Occupation Extremist (formerly)
College Teacher
Status Alive
Skills Intelligence, Charisma, Electrokinesis, Photokinesis, Swordsmanship
Hobby Scientific Research
Goals To make the world her own and rid off discrimination against "supernaturals"
Clara Barnes (real name: Vanerisa Claire Wright) is the hidden main antagonist in the deviantart fanfictions Surprised Patrick: The Series and it's sequel Burning Flesh. She's a pink-haired teenage girl that is set on making the world her own, as well as giving it "true peace" by giving everyone in the world elemental-based powers to rid off discrimination against supernaturals.


During her childhood, her given birthname was Vanerisa Wright. When she was eight years old, Clara often played with her sister Nadiellie Wright while being babysat by a middle-aged man. Her parents names are Jeager and Helga Wright. One day, when they went to take a vacation to Norway, their plane was attacked by disguised bombers. During their assult, Clara was traumitized by a baby's death and her sister's sacriface to save the plane from blowing up. By the time the plane crashed, it had landed near Arendelle.

There, a man named Zodiac rescued her and her parents and used her as a subject for his bio-engineering project, which gave her Photokinetic and electrikinetic powers. Afterwards, she woke up and reunited with her parents, who were now cyborgs. A few hours later, the Duke of Weselton had his guards seize Arendelle as an act of revenge for being cut off in trade. During that time, Clara used her electric power to make her parents her slaves and try to fend off the Weselton guards. After witnessing Zodiacs death, Clara kills the Duke with the sword that killed Zodiac to ensure that his death was absolute. A group of citizens at the time had considered her family a group of freaks despite what was done. Before seeing King Kristoff and Queen Anna, Clara ordered her parents to fly out of there and had set up her ideals for the future.

By the time she turned fifteen, her knowledge about technology had increased over the years; except for the bio-engineering projects. She had returned to the Arendelle Research Center as "Clara Barnes" to check whether the bio-machines were still around. Upon disappointment, she went as far as sending a fake invitation to Xantham for a grand opening to a research center in West Virginia.

By the time he came, he was actually interrigated in one of her hideout's for his knowledge about bio-engineering. Upon Hal and Cal discovering this, they fought to save his master. It was shown that her past failings had killed 49 homeless people. Plus, Clara had killed Xantham and caused the place to self-destruct. As far as Hal and Cal drifting on the ocean for months unconscious, Clara had returned to her hidden main base under Bikini Bottom Island with Hal's communicator.

It was then that she learned about their cousin, David Rust, who also has a lab. She had built The Black Cog as the base's top guard and also convinced him to speak as "The Voice" to taunt David while making an armored suit for herself. She planned to use David's lab to expand her knowledge and have better luck with her work.

Surprised Patrick: The Series

When Clara was first shown to be the new girl at school, she and David Rust had caught a glimpse at each other. Like him, Surprised Patrick Star, Vincent Rogers, and Juliet Figg, Clara was also assigned to be in Mr. Crocker's history class. Mr. Crocker claimed that she was evil simply due to his random dislike of pink hair and that Juliet was jealous, especially due to the fact that she had came to Chesfolk without her knowing first. While she asked David and Surprised Patrick to come by her house, she had actually tested their fighting skills as "The Voice" and then took a shower in the nick of time.

Throughout the series, she also acted as a normal friend to everyone and even faced off adversaries together. She often kissed David as if she was really in love with him. 

Eventually, she revealed to Surprised Patrick that she had something known as the Gingelznap which would turn him back to normal and acted concerned that David had manipulated Surprised Patrick into helping him just so he wouldn't have a younger sibling. She spoke with Patrick's voice to reveal David's secret about his lab on the home phone, which Elsa was not pleased about, and briefly severed their friendship. When Surprised Patrick came to Clara's secret lab, he immediately injected himself with the Ginzelznap and turned back to the normal Patrick Star. Clara had quickly teleported him back to Bikini Bottom due to her lies about him not being able to breathe air afterwards.

By the time David came, he was too late. Witnessing his sadness, Clara hugged, kissed, and made sure David's eyes were closed. She then stabs his stomach with one of her swords and then had her cyborg parents turn him into an emotionless metallic fire dragon. She had David release flames across Chesfolk and even planned to kill his parents, Wreck-it-Ralph and Elsa for no one else for him to turn to for rescue. When they were burned and out cold, Clara had attempted to strike them with her other sword, only to be knocked down by Patrick Star.

At the bridge, Clara fought Patrick and the moustached assassians (who were Hal and Cal in disguise) as her alter ego "The Voice" in her armored suit. After her suit was destroyed, Clara photokineticly used her sword to blow up the bridge so the three would drown, walked backwards, and fell in the water herself. At the end of the first series, she was saved by her parents and that it was only the beginning. 

Burning Flesh

Oh, did you forget? The reason I'm focusing on you, the reason on how you're recognized by your flames, IS BECAUSE I GAVE THEM TO YOU!
~ Clara while fighting David
Clara was shown to have survived her battle and is now sixteen. She learns from Helsanna that not only David was alive, but he had also gotten fire powers thanks to her experiment. While she demanded that Helsanna would bring David alive, Clara offered him a chance to work with him and ensure "true peace". This was due to her actual feelings for him, thus making her a hypocrite. After a short fight with him, she demanded Helsanna to bring her back; she had died permentaly.

Later, David, Vincent, Juliet, Hal, and Cal confronted Clara for a real battle. After the fight, Clara had the five wrapped up in metal with her electric powers and had them sent to the ocean to die. But, they were saved by Patrick Star. She realized that she had no choice but to kill David as well. Clara had entrusted her minions to make an army of robots, supernatural soldiers, and battleships to truly take over the world.

By the time the invasion started, Clara had sent Jeager and Helga to claim Chesfolk and a robot called "The Voice 2.0" to raid Arendelle. However, both of those acts failed thanks to David and his friends. Later, it was revealed that Clara planned to vaporize Arendelle herself anyway with the thorneship's white laser. After a long infiltration on the thorneship, everyone faced Clara in the center corridor. After refusing to listen to their words one more time, Clara stabbed into her arm, placed the stolen crystals inside, covered it in a bandage, and had become empowered with a lot of magic powers. After Wreck-it-Ralph and Elsa destroyed the ship's battery, Clara became one with the battery herself, tried to plunge everyone in the ocean, and then turned the thorneship into a dragon.

David ended up feeling empowered as well and faced Clara himself. After exherting his energy, the dragon was deactivated as David and Clara lied on the ground exhausted. During a long talk, Clara learned and also admitted that her times together were real as she didn't have real friends like him as a little girl. Despite what's happened, David and Clara admitted their feelings to each other and then kissed. After everything was over, Clara was sent to the Arendelle Castle dungeon until further notice; she wasn't afraid to bear it as she vowed to make true memories with her "friends" and help those who are hurt and suffering.

Three years later, Clara was no longer a "prisioner", but was offered to continue living and working there as a servant girl in order to pay her tuition for The Arendelle Research Institute. She was taken to Chesfolk to attend the graduation of David, Vincent, Juliet, and the Patrick Star clone. Afterwards, she and the group vowed to build up memories during their short summer vacation in a few scrapbooks.

In the end, she had married David and the two, including Patrick settled in West Virginia. She and David had built and taught at a college of their own. Later, their children, Staniel and Audrey Rust, were shown the scrapbook that was full of photos about not just their friends during summer vacation with the others, but the memories that count.


  • Before Surprised Patrick was to be a short fan-fic series, it was originally intended for her to be a blonde girl who would have been the mayor's daughter. Her role would've been the same, but she would have actually planned to take over Chesfolk by usurping her father with David's technology.
  • She was inspired by Giffany (Gravity Falls), Prince Hans (Frozen), and Royal Pain (Sky High).

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