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Christian Brutal Sniper (also referred to as Christian or CBS) is a freaky internet phenomenon based on the Sniper of Team Fortress 2 and made by YouTuber named Kekas van Normandy (or KelThuzadMadness in some point). Possibly, he is known to be the most horrifying character in the entire TF2 universe. And described himself as a cold-blooded assassin that butchers people with his blades in a slow pace without any help, especially when they are appeared by him. Also, he is a part of partners in crime beside the RED Spy whom he never threaten.


Christian Brutal Sniper01:03

Christian Brutal Sniper

Christian Brutal Sniper's original appearance.

Christian Brutal Sniper Origins03:41

Christian Brutal Sniper Origins

The origins of Christian Brutal Sniper.

SFM Beginning of Christian Brutal Sniper01:27

SFM Beginning of Christian Brutal Sniper

Beginning of Christian Brutal Sniper.

Christian Brutal Sniper Revenge03:34

Christian Brutal Sniper Revenge

Christian Brutal Sniper's Revenge

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