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Chimera (The Blue Tri)
Chimera, The Chaos Dragon.
Alias Yi qi type Dinoid.
Origin Unknown
Occupation Dinoid analog of Satan.
Status Alive
Skills Flight, Omnipower (Multiple and combination of various elemental attributes), Omega Breath, Extreme Durability, Semi-Immortality.
Hobby  ???
Goals To prey on Deities of other Religions and cause chaos in the mortal realm.
This monstrosity... I wouldn't even dare call it a Dinoid regardless of whether or not it's based on actual Terran prehistoric beast. The thing's outright savage!!!
~ Tyrannox Mk II on Chimera.
To think a Dinoid from eons ago managed to put several galaxies within range of the Milky Way on Code Black is one thing, but the fact it's doing this ALL ALONE is the most baffling part. Just how deadly is this thing anyways?!?!
~ Darigus, while witnessing Chimera's infamous rampage.

Chimera, the Big Bad of Chapter 38 of The Blue Tri, and also the final Dinoid to serve as an antagonist, it's actions leave a very heavy impression on those around it. Accidentally discovered and re-awoken from eons of slumber by Blades, Chimera proved itself deadly by escaping the temple it was sealed in without much difficulty, and flying off into space. Within less than a few hours, it arrives on Earth, and in the process, has already stirred many communication problems for interstellar satellites and colonies suddenly being completely destroyed in it's flight path. Arriving on Earth, it's arrival is noted by the screams of many Black Ops soldiers being killed off very quickly by Chimera's razor sharp, metallic feathers, so sharp that even the strongest of metals isn't capable of withstanding hits from it. It takes the combined forces of the Terran Alliance, Kerason and his four allies, and all of the Dinoids and The Elders to completely kill Chimera once and for all, but the insane levels of damages that Chimera caused is only the beginning of the suffering that will soon unfold...


Due to being one of the oldest Dinoids, Chimera's knowledge and steel trap memory gives Chimera access to many, many secrets about certain lifeforms in the current era that most others alive fail to properly realize. For instance, Chimera knows exactly what type of sounds cause Black Dragorias to go into rage... but also another version of that sound that force the same creatures to attack everything EXCEPT Chimera or another creature who lets out the same type of sound. Due to Chimera's knowledge with this, it is quite possible that Chimera orchestrated the re-evolution of the Black Dragoria species from prior knowledge about the species from the Laboratory that Chimera was born in containing classified information on many species from the Ultimorian universe that have made the Black List.

Because of Chimera's intelligence, it is worth noting that Chimera never actually speaks... or, so it seems. Chimera speaks in a language that doesn't sound too different from roaring and growling, but the specific tone Chimera uses emulates the Old Era Ultimorian language, which makes it clear that whoever designed Chimera had incredibly extensive knowledge of the Old Era given how much Chimera knows how to manipulate and force certain Old Era species into obeying it's commands. To these re-evolved species, Chimera appears to them as a powerful, yet distant, relative of Dragora, who is the strongest Dragon to ever exist in Ultimoria. However, anybody with a keen eye can notice that Chimera fails to properly match the traits of a typical Dragora Avatar.

Chimera, when created by the Precursors and still in the control of High Sage Ultros, was noted as acting more violent than the other three Dinoids created around the same time, which was presumably done because Chimera did not have much in terms of weaponry like the other three did. Not only that, but even before Chimera gained full free will and sapience, Chimera is responsible for killing off High Sage Felsol during the final battle between the villainous Felsol and the heroic Ultros, the latter being responsible for having created Chimera and the other three Dinoids to begin with. When Ultros gave all four of them free will and intelligence, all of them had left their original homeworld, but Chimera deliberately hid it's true personality until the time was right to begin it's own plans...

When it eventually found another world to inhabit, it appeared from the heavens to begin to terrorize the local wildlife into specific behavioral patterns that forced certain species into extinction, and selectively chose which species would survive and evolve further. As a result, Chimera was able to re-evolve several species of Ultimorian Mythological Animals that had been extinct for at least an entire Era before this point, such as the Xilatealeons and Terranadrosus species, but most importantly, the once thought long lost Black Dragoria species.

Design Notes

Chimera's design process was nothing but Development Hell, and now that Tyrannox Mk III has been revealed, in the present day timeline of The Blue Tri, he will no longer look like the Yi qi type Dinoid he currently looks like as a direct result. Instead, his design will now instead be focused on living up to Chimera's own name; a fusion of various Dinoids of differing types of animals to result in Chimera's current body, with the distinct possibility that Chimera's original wings/arms will be maintained in the new design.


  • Until the discovery of Yi qi, it was unknown if Chimera's finalized design would resemble a Dragon at all. With the discovery of Yi qi, a very small, Theropod Dinosaur with bat-like wings rather than bird-like wings, it was quickly decided that Chimera would represent an overly massive, Wyvern-like depiction of Yi qi as if it were an actual Dragon.
  • Chimera has several parallels with Indominus rex, to the point many of Chimera's actions and motifs are based directly off of the I. rex in response. When Chimera was first brought into mind, the basic idea was "Indominus rex as a Dragon".

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