Chelsea The Hedgehog was a creation made by Dr Eggman to Steal the Master Emerald. So he told her to go to Sonics house and become friends with him and steal the Emerald. But she did as told but she didn't want to Steal anything she quickly fell in love with Sonic. Dr Eggman relized that She wasn't following his orders. So he teleported the Death Egg with him inside it. When he arrived he yelled at her saying "You dumb little creation! you shouldn't be friends with that puny Hedgehog!" Eggman yelled "Well um you don't know but its better to be a good guy than being evil" She said Eggman had enough of this so he grabbed Chelsea and took her back to his spaceship. Soon he strapped her onto a testing chamber she struggled to get free. Soon Dr Eggman chuckled to him self "all i have to do is to put this Toxic And potion to make you into Dark and Werehog" He said he did the thing but then he Was rudly interrupted by Sonic coming to save her. He came to her rescue! "Let Her go Eggman!" He yelled "No!" He replied soon he tryed to beat the hedgehog and unsuccessfully lost Chelsea remains a Villan but has room for Goodness she lives with Sonic And his friends

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