Chef Pee Pee is one of the main characters in SuperMarioLogan.

Despite being a protagonist, he is also a villain in The Purge and serves as one of The Brooklyn Guy's henchmen, but then redeems himself in the rest of the SML videos.

He was voiced by Lovell Stanton.

Chef Pee Pee also appears as a supporting character in A Project Guy and he also appears as a minor character in Puppet Pals videos.


Chef Pee Pee is angry and annoyed because he is tired of being a slave cook.

Villainous Roles

Koopa's New Job

He kills Koopa Troopa.

Bowser Junior's Birthday Cake

He kept on beating up a cat and put it in a pot.

Bowser Junior's Summer Vacation

He insults Cody by calling him a loser along with Joseph.

Chef Pee Pee Quits! Part 6

He tried to kill Harold and Muffins.

The Purge!

He works for The Brooklyn Guy as his henchmen.

Evil Chef Pee Pee!

He turned evil.

Friday the 13th!

He dressed up as Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th to attempt to kill Junior and Joseph, even though he was on-screen and Jason killed him.



  • Chef Pee Pee is portrayed by an Alberto Chef puppet from Melissa & Doug.
  • His song is Kenechukwu by Acid Jazz.

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