Charmcaster (Character What)0002

Charmcaster, Real name Hope, is a minor villain in the Character What series, She is the niece and apprentice of Hex and the ruler of Ledgerdomain, Charmcaster is a villain from the Ben 10 franchise.

Character What: Friendship is Magic

In Female Club, Charmcaster was one of the many females who were part of the "Female Club".

Character What: The Last Stand

Charmcaster returns in Villains turn Evil, Charmcaster was in Shadow Joe's Villain Museum along with the other redeemed villains. She was with her uncle Hex looking at the exibits.

Powers and Abilities

Like her uncle Hex, Charmcaster possesses magic since they are born in Ledgerdomain, but she is not strong and powerful as her uncle Hex.

  • Magic: Charmcaster can preform various magical mystical spells.
    • Mana Manipulation: Charmcaster can manpulate Mana.
    • Telekinesis: Charmcaster can telekinesislly move objects using her magic.
    • Levitation:
    • Mind Control:
    • Elemental Control:
    • Shape Shifting:
    • Animation: Charmcaster can bring inanimate objects to life.
    • Transmogrification:
    • Summoning:
    • Teleportation:
    • Portal Creation:
    • Object Summon:
    • Mana Blasts:
    • Lightning Bolt Projection:
    • Soul Removal:
    • Mind Exchange: Charmcaster can switch her body with another by using a spell called "Transfera Identica".
    • Reanimation: Charmcaster can reanimate dead animals by using a spell called "Latnica Sorensay".
    • Chain Manipulation:
    • Sonic Boom Generation:
    • Energy Beam Emission: Chatmcaster can project powerful energy beams from her hand by using a spell called "Mercuta Verditis".
    • Power Absorption:
    • Mana Shields:
    • Firework Projection:
    • Dragon Transformation:
  • Enhanced Strength:

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