Gerdan! Help! Help!
~ Charlie calling Gerdan when the spirit chases him

Alias he is named the "druid boy" because the hunter never really knew his real name. he was also named "jinx" by a girl in the village because he could transfer bad luck
Origin Unknown
Occupation he has no job but is a "student" for gerdan; who teaches him how to control his powers, know the knowledge of being a druid
Status he is well known alive but hidden with all the other druids but will often go to the village to look around and hopefully make a new friend, but he doubts that would happen
Skills his powers as a druid are telepathy; the ability to communicate without movement of the mouth, and telekinesis; the ability to manipulate objects with no touch, and bad luck transferrance; ability to transfer bad luck to another human if they touch me
Hobby one of my hobbies is to draw, usually i draw celtic symbols but that does make me better at drawing animals
Goals some of mmy goals include; to control his powers with the help of gerdan, and to know the knowledge of being a druid at "school" also by the help of gerdan
he was born as charlie on a friday. charlie was born in central city, the origin home of barry allen. he obeys his master, gerdan [who is possibly his father]. gerdan was his master but also a teacher mainly to help control his powers. charlie [and the rest of the druids] were being hunted by a group of men who were summoned to kill all the druids but the druids always got away.


how charlie got possessed; so it was may friday the thirteenth and the spirit [kinda shaped like a dragon/serpent] who was summoned to kill all druids. so charlie was running to the cave but wasnt fast enough so then the spirit went through him and then his eyes turned white, then hazel again. then there he was possessed and now he could send bad luck to another person if they touched him.


  • Real Name: Charlie
  • Occupation: n/a
  • Base of Operations: Central City
  • Eyes: Hazel, White [sometimes]
  • Hair: Brown


  • Shy
  • Determined
  • Quietly Violent
  • Antisocial
  • Intelligent

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