Charles Wheeler was the owner of a large grocery store in a city somewhere in the New York State and secretly a leader of the Irish mob. While under investigation by the FBI, Wheeler was wounded and left for dead by the Russians. Wheeler's son Perry bribed the hospital staff into operating on his father. As a result, Wheeler got to live and be on a wheelchair.

Getting Arrested:

An honest doctor named Apu discovered the whole thing and wanted to kill Wheeler since he was fearful he would loose his medical license and be sent back to his country. Apu allied with the FBI Agent Murphy and a sociopathic baby with the mind of a military genius and they raided his store to look for him while he was masterbating. Wheeler naively thought no one would kill him in a wheel chair and tried to goad Apu into killing him by explaining to him how his family abused his ancestors during the British rule over India. Apu ended up pushing him off his wheelchair and into the ground.

Wheeler ended up getting arrested by the NYSP for his crimes when Murphy found documents about his organization.

Extra Facts:

-Wheeler was inspired by Max Shreck (Christopher Walken's character from Batman Returns) and Rupert Thorne.

-There is a probability Wheeler is 86 years old.

-It is unknown what happened to his son Perry afterwards. It is assumed Perry went into hiding or got arrested.

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