Ceratosaurus is a villain in the Character What Sega, Ceratosaurus are a massive dinosaur of The Rite of Spring and a villain from Disney's Fantasia.

Powers and Abilities

Ceratosaurus are the embodiment of evil.

  • Absolute Darkness: Ceratosaurus had complete control over darkness.
  • Fire Manipulation: Ceratosaurus had control over fire.
  • Reanimation: Ceratosaurus can raise the dead.
  • Soul Manipulation: Ceratosaurus also has complete control over souls.
  • Soul Summoning: Ceratosaurus can attack the other Dinosaurs.
  • Super Strength:
  • Super Endurance:
  • Super Stamina:
  • Immortally:


  • According to Shadow Aaron, Ceratosaurus is one of his favorite villains.