Catwoman (Character What)0001

Catwoman is a major villain/anti-hero in the Character What series, She is part of the Forces of Evil, Catwoman is a anti-hero from the Batman franchise and from the DC universe.

Character What: Hero Force

In Villainess Meeting, Catwoman and some of the other female villains were having a meeting with Sunset Shimmer, Catwoman also had Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn as partners.

Catwoman returns in Villains of Gotham, Catwoman team up with the Joker and the other enemies of Batman, Trying to take revenge on Batman.

Powers and Abilities

Catwoman possesses heightened acrobatic skills and cat-like traits.

  • Feline Physiology:
  • Peak Human Agility:
  • Peak Human Speed:
  • Peak Human Reflexes:
  • Peak Human Balance:
  • Peak Human Strength:
  • Martial Arts:
  • Stealth Tactics: Catwoman is good of sneaking up on people without being detected.
  • Enhanced Thievery:
  • Animal Empathy:

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