I was born in a kingdom where no one could buy or sell unless they had the mark or the number of his name. My family did not have the mark, so we had to turn to crime to get whatever we wanted.
~ Patrick Jones reciting to his members

These villains may face a crisis of conscience when doing evil in addition to having tragic pasts, which may be the primary source of motivation behind their evil deeds. These villains often have confused morals, believing that they are doing good when in fact they are doing evil. These villains often suffer from extreme heavy amount of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), and it can become Delusional or Megalomaniacal villains because their experiences deveop their beliefs into obsessions, twisting them into insanity.

  • There are several ways to declare a Tragic Villain:
    • A villain, with a backstory, that has caused them anger and depression, shaping them into destructive, and hateful beings. However, the broken heart is what is causing their evil actions. They're rather forced upon a path of darkness, and their past has caused them to become distrustful, and mislead. Such as: Ritsuko Haruka, Spyro Doomfire/Akunoyo Kubonochi.
    • This one overlaps with Anti-Villain and Protective Villains. They commit crime, and murder to protect the ones they care about. They are only looking out for whoever they love or care for, but cause extreme measures to do so. Due to this, they are stopped by the heroes, making it even more difficult, to save them.
    • Brainwashed/Possessed characters, who're ether controlled or corrupted by some kind of evil aura. Therefore, they are not willingly evil but are manipulated by the power that is controlling them.

NOTE: A Complete Monster should never be added in this Category, Even if they are given a reason for doing what they are doing that involves a traumatic experience in their lives, they are far past tragedy due to their horrendous actions, as seeing in the case of Zalgo, Freddy Krueger, InJustice, Shadow Aaron, Lotso, Scar, The Danganronpa 4 Version of Spyro Doomfire, Isaac Grossman, Pepper Satanica, Stocking Anarchy.EXE, Dark Kendra Moonie, Dark Junko Enoshima, The Mayor, etc. Either their "tragedy" would be extremely pity to be realistic, or they'd simply use it as an excuse to justify themselves and nothing more. Some CMs' excuse was just what they deserved and some even fake at least one "tragedy" occurred on them. This category is for villains whose tragedy is not only legitimate, but still holds up even after they've crossed the MEH.

Also, do NOT add characters who committed great scale of crimes only due to a mere excuse which is far too petty to count as tragedy, even if they are not Complete Monsters. (e.g. Celestia PepperJunkCure)

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