Psychological Abusers are characters who inflict emotional and psychological torment on their victims, they can be Mind-Breakers but do not have to focus on actually breaking someone's mental health - instead many of them rely on emotional and sometimes even spiritual abuse. They can be considered a combination of Mind-Breakers and Trash-Talking Villains. Common examples are antagonists who try and convince someone they are worthless, "ugly" or unwanted - also applies to those who try to inflict prolonged periods of distress, fear and general despair in another person.

Due to the nature of Psychological Abuse it is considered by many as a special "breed" of evil, since it tends to either focus on attacking vulnerable people or trying to devalue another person's confidence and wellbeing (core priniciples of what many consider basic human rights).

IMPORTANT NOTES: this category is for villains who tend towards emotional / psychological abuse instead of physical violence, they do not always seek to drive their victims insane (as a Mind-Breaker does) but they can sometimes become a Mind-Breaker due to their actions. Many psychological abusers use words over violence but some will resort to violence (even murder) if their initial psychological cruelty fails.