A Destroyer of Innocence is any villain that has caused a loss of innocence within their setting-whether it be of the character, the story, or simply the setting itself. These villains are the most widely hated with the entertainment their in as they ruin others' lives and their crimes can never truly be reversed as it erases the concept of "innocence," though some rarer examples do not fully know they are responsible for this occurring. Some of the most heinous crimes to qualify for this trope include:

Abusing, corrupting, or killing a child or someone with a child-like mentality.

Betraying one's family member, friend, or loved one-especially if the betrayal is brutal and treacherous in nature.

A character whom a protagonist has admired deeply in the past, but upon learning of the character's true nature, the protagonist is visibly distressed.

A character who arranges a particularly shocking event,such as a terrorist attack or massacre of innocents-challenging people's perception on the world.

A villain who apparently seems to be harmless or even innocent, but it is only one facet to hide his/her true nature.