Comedic Villains are evil characters who are shown to have a sense of humor, usually a rather dark one, and express it while they do their evil doings. This is not to be confused with the Comedy Villains, as although there is a massive overlap, the difference is that while a "Comedy Villain" is any that is intended to be funny to the viewer, even if they take themselves completely seriously within the story itself (where they would be funny due to their unintentional ineptitude and/or the general absurdity of a ridiculous story), the "Comedic Villain" is defined by the character him/herself having a deliberate sense of humor and making jokes within the story itself. A particularly dark variety of this, where the villain in question is not a "Comedy Villain", is a "Comedic" villain who performs truly heinous acts such as murder and torture, but jokes about them as if they were much less serious, demonstrating an insensitivity to the severity of their own actions and/or general insanity.

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