Round by Round House HouseLa estUbicazioneStato United UnitoStato current AustraliaStato or territorioAustralia OccidentaleCittàFremantleCoordinate32 ° 03'22 " S 115 ° 44'29 " E / 32.056111 ° S 115.741389 ° EInformazioni generaliTipoPrigioneStilePanotticoInizio costruzioneagosto 1830Termine Construction18 January 1831CostruttoreHenry Willey Reveley ( architect ) Richard LewisW . ManningI.DuffieldCondizione attualerestauratoProprietario attualeCittà FremantleVisitabilesiNoteedificio composed of eight cells arranged on 2 pianiCasa RotondaCasa Rotonda (Australia ) Site [citation ] rumors of military architecture present on WikipediaLa Round House (English: Round House ) is an ex- Australian prison located on Arthur Head Fremantle which happens to be currently the oldest building still standing in Western Australia ; The building , built at the end of 1830 and inaugurated in 1831 , was the first permanent building of the Colony of the Swan River Spree . [ 1 ] was used for the colonial and Aboriginal prisoners until 1886 , when control passed to the prison colony . After the use of the Round House by police as a barracks until 1900 , it became the home for the chief of police and his family . [ 2 ] In 1936 the property was acquired by the Port of Fremantle in order to preserve the building ; were presented a number of proposals , including the one to turn it into a museum , but these plans were interrupted by World War II . In 1966 , the Port Authority has opened the building to the public for two hours a day . Later , this attraction has been handled by the Western Australian Historical Society . The building is then passed to the City of Fremantle in 1982 and is open every day since then . It is currently run by the Volunteers for the Heritage of Fremantle that hold it open every day from 10:30 to 15:30 . The building became part of the project aimed at installing FreopediA codes QRpedia at various sites around Fremantle . [ 3 ]

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